Correct spelling for EBERGY

We think the word ebergy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ebergy

  • allergy Food: adulteration, 41; allergy, 6; coloration, 32; intoxication, 18, 57, 92; preservatives, 33; substitutes, 16, 41
  • baggy If a Musulman, he wears only a skullcap, a shirt or jacket and a pair of soiled baggy trousers.
  • barge The crew had run the barge ashore and landed the whole crowd, but in the mix-up one of the women had backed off the gangplank into three feet of water, and the other had sprained an ankle.
  • beg I have realized since that I made an awful blunder; and I have come humbly to beg your pardon."
  • beige In the wardroom of Stetson's scout cruiser, the lights were low, the leather chairs comfortable, the green beige table set with a decanter of Hochar brandy and two glasses.
  • berg They included the rulers of South Germany, as well as Dalberg the Arch-Chancellor, who now took the title of Prince Primate, the Grand-Duke of Berg, the Landgrave, now Grand-Duke, of Hesse-Darmstadt, two Princes of the House of Nassau, and seven lesser potentates.
  • berk var. Bullii, Berk.
  • boggy They came to a coppice of larch-trees where the ground was slightly boggy and required careful crossing.
  • buggy Davey climbed into the buggy again.
  • burg It was Luther's hymn: Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott.
  • ebony It's mother, Mary, was ebony black, her child was a light mulatto, which was in keeping with the story of abuse to which she was compelled to submit, or else lay in jail.
  • ebro These two districts, the Riojas, divided by the Ebro, are noted for their wines, which need only more careful preparation to become an important article of commerce; at present they are chiefly exported to Bordeaux, for mixing with inferior French wines, to be re-exported as claret to England.
  • edgy Such reactions merely served to redouble Biffos resolve to be controversial and edgy, and as he often wrote on the letters pages, Digitiser "hates everyone equally, man".
  • eeg This was verified when the right brain measured heightened EEG activity when calculating and compared with non-veterans who were using the abacus to perform calculations.
  • elegy His literary life sharply defines itself into 3 periods; in the first, 1626-1640, he wrote the poems L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, the Pastoral of Comus, and the elegy Lycidas.
  • embargo In time of war he knew it had been usual to open the ports of the West India Islands to foreigners, merely as a measure of necessity; and it was not until the Americans attempted to starve them by their embargo acts that they were driven to the resort of finding resources elsewhere.
  • emerge But gradually Frank began to emerge from his single line of attention.
  • energy The grim struggle to hang on demanded all our energy.
  • erg
  • ergo
  • faberge
  • iceberg
  • obey
  • Berger A vote for Berger is a vote of scoffery against the St. Louis platform-a vote of apology for the platform, dissipation of its meaning, and disavowal of its essential spirit.
  • Borg My camel-leader, who spoke a little English, described to me the three or four routes, one of which all travellers must choose in order to reach a desert inn or "borg" on the way to distant oasis villages or towns.
  • Eben He could not put her ashore, that was quite evident, and he knew that he could not keep her presence a secret from Eben for any length of time.
  • Becky Then it was discovered that Becky and the parson's children were gone, and great was the bewailing, for the good man was much beloved by all his flock.
  • Ebert Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave three and a half stars out of four, writing: "So it truly is a matter of life and death for the chickens to escape from the Tweedy Chicken Farm in Chicken Run, a magical new animated film that looks and sounds like no other.
  • EBAY The term "dibbuk box" was first created and used by Kevin Mannis to describe a wine cabinet in the item information for an eBay auction and as the subject of his original story describing paranormal events which he attributed to the box.

42 words made from the letters ebergy

3 letter words made from ebergy:

beg, bey, bye, erg, geb, bee, reb, eye, eeg, rye, gee.

4 letter words made from ebergy:

beer, begy, beye, reeg, eery, berg, gyre, byer, gybe, ebey, ebre, reeb, erby, reye, rege, brgy, bgee, grey, bery.

5 letter words made from ebergy:

gebre, bergy, beery, brege, berge, geber, beger, grebe, bereg, bregy.

6 letter words made from ebergy:

grebey, bergey.

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