Correct spelling for EDYCATION

We think the word edycation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for edycation

  • Educational(Definition of educational)
  • This man doesn't appear to have any past educational record, but he has pursued a conciliatory course; the other one resigned and disappeared when he found he couldn't control things.

  • Addiction(Definition of addiction)
  • "wull, yes, it's me, ef i know myself; an' think i should, for some folks do say that menke an' me are right sociable," jestingly replied the newcomer, a well known mountaineer hunter, who was much addicted to talking to himself, to which addiction his remark referred.

  • Medication(Definition of medication)
  • A study has shown no difference in outcome for adding thyroxine to antithyroid medication and continuing thyroxine versus placebo after antithyroid medication withdrawal.

  • Deduction(Definition of deduction)
  • His social system is consequently a compound of historical deduction and personal sentiment.

  • Ejection(Definition of ejection)
  • The body went through the ejection port and disappeared in the vast depths of space.

  • Abdication(Definition of abdication)
  • Meantime constantius came up from syria, won over the legions of illyricum, reduced vetranio to a peaceful abdication, and pushed on with augmented forces towards the julian alps, there to decide the strife between magnentius and the house of constantine.

  • Diction(Definition of diction)
  • On the other hand, he borrowed from milton, and used more and more as he grew older, a distinctly stiff and unvernacular form of poetic diction itself.

  • Educations
  • Battlefield high school has made "adequate yearly progress" (ayp) each year it has been open, according to the virginia department of educations benchmarks set by the mandate of the no child left behind act.

  • Reduction(Definition of reduction)
  • I was not hampered by any serious reduction in our financial vote.

  • Dedication(Definition of dedication)
  • "it is the fate of sequels," as stevenson said in his dedication of catriona, "to disappoint those who have waited for them."

  • Edification(Definition of edification)
  • For, as brother leo was walking on before, st. francis called aloud to him:- "o brother leo, although throughout the world the lesser brethren were mirrors of holiness and edification, nevertheless write it down, and give good heed to it, that not therein is perfect joy."

  • Coeducation(Definition of coeducation)
  • Coeducation alpha theta was one of the first all-male fraternities to admit female members.

  • Education(Definition of education)
  • Her voice fell, tremulously, and for an instant standing there she remembered her education and his part in it.

  • Equation(Definition of equation)
  • A change in the equation cannot be initiated by p. if p should change without a prior change in one of the other factors, forces would be set in operation which would force it back to its original magnitude.

  • Redaction(Definition of redaction)
  • Hypatian chronicle of the end of the 13th - the beginning of the 14th centuries is an all-russian svod in south redaction (presumedly).

  • Edition(Definition of edition)
  • We can add, that of this edition the interest is not yet extinct.

  • Eviction(Definition of eviction)
  • This gave the power to the holding, not to the man, and the landlord could by simple eviction deprive the man of his vote; hence the tenants-at-will were driven to the hustings like sheep-they could not, and dare not, refuse to vote as the landlord ordered.

  • Indication(Definition of indication)
  • The utmost we can do is to give the indication of the spirit in the expression of a face, and that so imperfectly that not two beholders read it alike.

  • Evacuation(Definition of evacuation)
  • He, however, published the contrary; but it was then of great importance that, an account of the evacuation should not reach england until the preliminaries of peace were signed, for which purpose m. otto was exerting all his industry and talent.

  • Reeducation
  • Evocation(Definition of evocation)
  • For no movement of thought can take place without the activity of the complex vision; and since one of the basic attributes of the complex vision is divided into these two primary emotions, we are compelled to conclude that it is impossible to think any thought at all without some evocation of the emotion of love and some evocation of the emotion of malice.

  • Educating
  • Yes, i said to him that, if he handed over this school to the dominicans, he was going to spoil one of the finest opportunities ever presented of educating the sons of decent english gentlemen to be simple parish priests.

  • Election(Definition of election)
  • But in that election i deprived a million people of rights which belonged to them as absolutely as their houses!

  • Eradication(Definition of eradication)
  • From the chains of existence only the complete eradication of all evil will set him free.

  • Seduction(Definition of seduction)

626 words made from the letters edycation

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conidae, adonite, dicyano, cedynia, cyanide, aconite, cetonia, oceanid, edacity, atonied, citoyen, atencio, conated, cydonia, diyanet, codeina, deayton, deontic, dacoity, tacnode, deontay, noticed, cyanite, cydonie, inocyte.

6 letter words made from edycation:

dacoit, atonic, necati, cetina, cantey, ednita, condie, antico, diante, ayinde, dacite, cayton, idotea, yacine, tyniec, adient, ionate, enatic, deaton, aeonic, decota, dayton, donati, niceto, adyton, yodice, adenoc , detica, taniec, catone, aniety, cotney, toadie, incyte, dainty, nacido, notice, tendai, denoia, anodic, ndiaye, yeaton, ticona, eciton, econit, adonic, oneida, atonce, taione, dioecy, iodane, iocate, dancey, acteon, octyne, intoed, nadeco, canedy, noetic, andyet, catino, codina, yeadon, daoyin, anicet, cedano, decato, coated, cadent, docena, conate, deyton, tained, oneact, nicoya, cidona, action, netaid, cetiya, idoney, nidate, centai, tenido, octine, dynaco, cation, decant, cedant, coedit, identa, cyanid, antido, actine, tacony, detain, oneday, daicon, cadiot, yediot, ciento, conaty, yentai, dation, nicety, condat, donate, condit, netday, neotic, canted, conita, deacon, octane.