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How to spell EINE correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "eine" as "iene", fret not, here are some possible correct suggestions. "Eine" is the German word for "a" or "one". So, you might want to consider correcting it to "eine" or if you meant another word, alternatives like "eins" (one), "ein" (a) or "einer" (one of).

List of suggestions on how to spell eine correctly

  • CINE I decided to go to the cine to watch the latest blockbuster movie.
  • dine I prefer to dine at home with my friends rather than at a restaurant with strangers.
  • eire
  • ene I always get the same reaction from her when I kiss her - ene
  • fine I'm feeling fine after my morning jog.
  • Heine Heine belongs to a long line of German poets who addressed the tumultuous state of the nation in their writing.
  • kine The farmer had a herd of kine in his pasture.
  • line The line through the trees blurred the ground.
  • mine Your exploded mine is blocking the entrance.
  • nine It's not nine yet.
  • pine The trees in the park are covered in pine trees.
  • seine The river Seine had swollen due to the recent rainfall.
  • sine sinE quantity which makes a curve decline.
  • tine He picked up the fork and examined each tine closely, making sure they were all clean for dinner.
  • vine The vine was climbing up the trellis.
  • wine
  • zine In the 'zine section, we found a bunch of cool bands to check out.

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