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How to spell EISTED correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "eisted" include "existed", "assisted", "persisted", and "resisted". It is important to identify the correct spelling and use it in order to effectively communicate your message and maintain credibility in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell eisted correctly

  • Basted The chef basted the turkey with butter and herbs to give it a delicious flavor.
  • bested Despite his best efforts, the runner was bested by his competitor in the final stretch of the race.
  • busted I went out to my car this morning to find that my back window had been busted.
  • Cited
  • Dusted He had just dusted the shelf with a stroke of his hand.
  • eased
  • easter This year, Easter falls on April 4th.
  • edited
  • elated I was elated when I got the promotion at work.
  • Emitted The smokestack emitted a thick cloud of black smoke into the air.
  • emoted She was emoted by his words.
  • ester The ester in this product can cause a skin irritation.
  • Estes
  • Existed The tree existed before I touched it.
  • exited
  • Fasted
  • Feasted The family feasted on a delicious holiday meal together.
  • Foisted Foisted sensitive documents off the building without first securing them.
  • gusted The strong wind gusted through the trees, making them sway back and forth.
  • Hasted
  • heisted The daring thief heisted the diamond necklace from the museum without being detected.
  • Hoisted The balloon was hoisted onto the pole.
  • hosted The event was hosted by a local organization.
  • Jested He jested that he would buy me a drink.
  • Lasted The concert lasted for over two hours.
  • listed
  • Lusted He lusted after the expensive car in the showroom.
  • masted
  • Misted I was misted by the rain while I was out walking.
  • nested The small box was nested inside the larger one.
  • oersted The new proton had an oersted of 1.
  • Ousted Rex was ousted from his position as the new manager of the team.
  • pasted I copied and pasted the code onto my website.
  • posted I just posted a new picture on Instagram.
  • rested After a long day of work, she took a hot bath and rested for a while to rejuvenate her energy levels.
  • rusted The old bicycle in the backyard is completely rusted.
  • Sited The newly-developed apartment complex is sited right on the waterfront.
  • Tasted I tried the drink and it tasted great.
  • tested We have been tested and we passed.
  • vested The company vested her with a five year contract.
  • Visited Yesterday, I visited my grandmother who lives in the countryside.
  • wasted It was a wasted opportunity, I knew it the second she walked into the room.

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