Correct spelling for ENTAR

We think the word entar is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for entar

  • altar So she spoke to him again for the last time across the waste of years that separated her from the altar in St. Ann's.
  • ant Then the ant ran down the outside of the jar.
  • ante The Captain of the household troop of cuirassiers nodded in the ante-room.
  • anti It is said he has the pool's protection order in Anti-People's and that it is unlimited, but Bob has the Reinhart crowd pretty badly scared.
  • attar At the right of the fireplace are two wide doors which when opened give a full view of the chapel beyond, with the attar to the rear in the centre.
  • centaur Then turned I to the Poet; and he said, "Now he be first to thee, and second I." A little farther on the Centaur stopped Above a folk, who far down as the throat Seemed from that boiling stream to issue forth.
  • center We miss you at center forward.
  • eater But he is not a great meat-eater.
  • end I'm at my wits' end with Trevenna, I am indeed.
  • endear An attitude of gentle admiration toward your Perseus, subdued a little possibly for public use, but none the less markedly appreciative, will not only endear you more to him than any protestation of your love could do, but will have an excellent effect on him mentally and morally.
  • endow I wonder who would sit on the sub-committee appointed by the British Government to endow literature.
  • endue Almighty God, the fountain of all goodness, we humbly beseech Thee to bless our gracious Queen Mary, Alexandra the Queen Mother, Edward Prince of Wales and all the Royal Family; Endue them with Thy Holy Spirit; enrich them with Thy heavenly grace; prosper them with all happiness; and bring them to Thine everlasting kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
  • enid When they were arrived there, the two spearmen who had carried Geraint, placed him on a settle in the hall, and Enid crouched by his side, striving if by any means she might bring him back to life.
  • entail M. de Sully next proceeded to upbraid her with her unbecoming conduct towards the Queen; assuring her that every word or act of disrespect of which any were guilty towards the wife of the sovereign was an offence against his own person, and was likely to entail upon the culprit a very severe penalty.
  • enter Anglesea enter the room and walk toward her.
  • entire Early in September, 1893, the entire navy, under the lead of Admiral Mello, revolted.
  • entry He sed they kept their books by dubbel entry.
  • ester "Patch it, then," said Ester, dryly.
  • eta There was that theory, you will remember, that in the army there were neither samurai nor eta-only soldiers.
  • etna From Messina Roger advanced by Rametta and Centorbi to Troina, a hill-town raised high above the level of the sea, within view of the solemn blue-black pyramid of Etna.
  • inter 18, hodieque in multis domibus M. Antonini statuae consistunt inter deos penates ...
  • invar Anak and Invar walked slowly up to the cave where Una waited.
  • mentor In winter-quarters, that hard-fighting, hard-drinking, and most turbulent chieftain, was not the best Mentor for a youth whose destiny pointed him out as the leader of a free commonwealth.
  • renter She was working for you in October and November while Oswald was a renter with you?
  • unbar I hurried through the passage, rejoicing at my success, but before I could unbar the door that I found facing me a second woman came out of a room at the side, and saw me, and threw up her hands with a cry of terror.
  • under We got under way at 4 a.
  • untie Perhaps we'd better go and untie him," suggested Benoix.
  • Into 730. Was it the case before Mr. Bruce took the fishing into his own hands?
  • Onto "I was dreadful frightened when I heard that the Yankees had run onto you, and that you had got your arm broke, Mister Marcy.
  • Unto "With joy shall I bring the great evil unto Ootah.
  • Anita I would trust Anita with the crown jewels.
  • Etta Harry had brought a great paper of sweets for the little sisters at home, for which Etta thanked him very prettily, and then she said: "I hope you are not afraid to trust Rose with us?
  • enters 58; proclaimed queen, 71; enters London, 74; person and character, ib.
  • INT Int. It would have been a rash and perhaps irreparable act. But tell me more.
  • ONT Je sais mes perfides, OEnone, et ne suis point de ces femmes hardies, Qui, goutant dans le crime une tranquille paix, Ont su se faire un front qui ne rougit jamais!

45 words made from the letters entar

3 letter words made from entar:

ent, ant, ane, net, ter, ate, ten, ret, ert, rna, are, era, rat, eat, tan, ern, tar, art, eta, tea, ear.

4 letter words made from entar:

5 letter words made from entar:

arent, anter, terna, renta, netra, naret, ntare, ertan, earnt.

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