Correct spelling for ENVORMITE

We think the word envormite is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for envormite

  • Unformed(Definition of unformed)
  • In person she was petite, with a still unformed girlish figure, perhaps a little too flat across the back, and with possibly a too great tendency to a boyish stride in walking.

  • Infirmity(Definition of infirmity)
  • He then took up the thread with his habitual smile of courtesy, as if forgetting his case entirely in the consideration of the lady's infirmity."

  • Conformity(Definition of conformity)
  • And being in entire conformity with the instruction for visitors, of 1528, for the latin city schools, the book was soon in general use.

  • Informed(Definition of informed)
  • Flad and waldmeier informed him of their arrival by one of the eunuchs who had accompanied them for that purpose.

  • Enormity(Definition of enormity)
  • Inevitably, considering the enormity of space, many of the despoilers of pallastown escaped.

  • Invite(Definition of invite)
  • Then the bird told his mistress to call her brother, and said: "there is the king; let us invite him to dinner on sunday.

  • Enervate(Definition of enervate)
  • In ascending from the simple and rude gastronomy of the savage, they have brought the art of cookery to such an excess of luxury as to enervate society by merely factitious appetites.

  • Uniformity(Definition of uniformity)
  • Hence, in 1559, queen elizabeth caused her parliament to pass two famous statutes, the act of supremacy, which required all clergymen and office-holders to renounce the spiritual as well as temporal jurisdiction of all foreign princes and prelates; and the act of uniformity, which forbade any minister from using any other liturgy or service than that established by parliament.

  • Enmity(Definition of enmity)
  • So then the king, who loved sir tristram, sent messengers to cornwall to mark, bidding him come forthwith to camelot; and when the cornish king was arrived, arthur required him to set aside his enmity to tristram, who had in all things been his loyal nephew and knight.

  • Informing(Definition of informing)
  • I shortly after received a few lines from thomas k. chester, informing me that he had my last letter struck off in hand-bills, and circulated in a number of the southern states, "over its true signature, laura s. haviland, as you dictated and your daughter wrote it; for, as strange as it may appear, i have the handwriting of every one of your family, and also of willis hamilton.

442 words made from the letters envormite

4 letter words made from envormite:

tome, more, vorn, tiro, morn, tree, metn, toer, nome, nito, vmro, veen, noer, norm, erne, evro, vote, meno, mite, omir, iron, rent, tine, nevm, noir, moer, orne, itmo, ento, toei, omit, emir, reit, orti, omen, reno, imov, toiv, eien, ever, rivo, nevo, mrov, rome, erei, mene, temi, moir, veio, trim, item, meir, emin, iten, term, vorm, nero, reni, teen, voet, etre, imee, roen, veto, rime, erie, mein, miro, itno, mine, noev, tone, mere, reen, evoe, rein, eire, nrem, veon, meon, miev, eteo, tern, tvoi, tire, meen, enim, rite, reti, torn, revi, vine, eeto, rote, vron, vrot, tier, tevi, voit, time, emit, eter, omni, torv, mint, tero, moen, trei, nori, nemr, meio, evit, tver, meet, mote, vien, rive, tive, iove, teem, over, nitv, tore, veer, neem, eier, veni, mrtv, inme, vino, mevo, nive, rove, vont, riot, orte, omne, etim, oven, erni, iton, veno, tvri, viro, note, trio, vier, rimo, vein, move, even, treo, mien, mire, nove, vent, tion, riem, rete, otim.

5 letter words made from envormite:

mtier, monti, einem, evert, omeir, tieon, miner, netiv, nervi, treno, temen, metin, nimet, treem, mover, nimer, mento, vitre, erimo, viren, tenom, moren, orent, niete, venet, mirto, verni, viton, tener, merit, retin, motie, remon, iover, meoni, moire, treon, tvone, inmet, niere, ivete, onemi, entre, meroe, meren, treni, monet, retem, roven, moret, treme, termo, ritvo, evote, vermi, meret, emine, irone, evron, itoen, vinet, venti, intoe, niter, merin, meton, toine, verte, miter, movie, romen, nervo, remen, never, emote, vient, nemov, tenor, enero, roine, nitre, metre, noire, nerio, troie, rivne, remit, vento, meite, inert, enter, terne, miert, mieve, event, monie, roten, toein, monte, metro, niver, imeon, menti, renov, mitre, venit, moten, intro, nover, rimon, moeen, eiron, temin, miret, terni, vimeo, monir, terim, voter, inter, nerve, verot, tenir, rmitv, nivet, erent, viter, trion, verno, terme, torne, moree, reive, temne, rovin, temor, tenri, meron, verin, eteri, norev, viene, retie, vinto, neive, eimer, torme, verit, envio, trove, emert, orene, eroei, viron, merve, veton, remet, ritmo, rione, orten, vreme, niort, venom, verne, terem, envoi, nieve, vireo, toner, vente, neier, venir, timeo, neeti, norme, rieve, verio, vener, nitro, monee, mieno, etive, enver, mitee, votre, noite, tiner, mitro, temer, tiree, ronte, minev, imron, evren, vetro, moine, motiv, veren, rotie, meter, norem, vimto, vetri, erion, voree, temir, tiene, metor, minto, ormen, noemi, timor, tomei, oteri, overt, mineo, trine, verme, teneo, reino, rente, retno, vomit, vomer, timer, minor, ierne, rivet, morte, mitev, nieto.

3 letter words made from envormite:

nim, eve, vet, ent, nit, rom, vie, not, ton, tom, min, roe, vim, ert, ene, neo, ten, trm, rev, ron, mon, nee, tmv, nmr, tie, tor, ion, nov, mot, rot, mei, mri, tin, toe, ret, rit, tee, ter, men, ern, one, ore, imo, ire, mit, tri, rim, eon, rem, rio, net.