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How to spell EXCALACTORY correctly?

"Excalactory" is commonly misspelled, often intended as "exculpatory" meaning exonerating evidence. To avoid confusion, a helpful alternative suggestion would be to use "exculpatory" instead, emphasizing the crucial role of exonerating evidence in legal proceedings. This correction ensures clarity and precision in communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell excalactory correctly

  • Escalator The hotel's grand staircase was adorned with a luxurious escalator, transporting guests effortlessly to each floor.
  • Escalators The mall was packed with shoppers riding up and down the escalators.
  • Excavator They hired an excavator to dig a trench for the new pipeline.
  • Excavators The construction workers operated the excavators to dig the foundation for the new building.
  • Excitatory The excitatory signals in the brain are responsible for transmitting information between nerve cells.
  • Exclamatory What an exclamatory statement you just made!
  • Exculpatory The defense attorney presented the exculpatory evidence, which proved his client's innocence.

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