Correct spelling for EXCELERATES

We think the word excelerates is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for excelerates

  • accelerate The officer stationed in the neighborhood of Cotapampa was instructed not to begin to lay the bridge, till the arrival of a sufficient force should accelerate the work, and insure its success.
  • accelerated Manhood in a people, and self-sacrifice, are the genuine sinews of war; wealth alone saved no nation from disgrace and from death, nay, often accelerated the catastrophe.
  • exculpates
  • exonerates
  • accelerates Acts like codeine, but weaker; induces large secretion of saliva, and accelerates peristalsis.
  • accelerators -For this purpose our mechanics and artists have provided a simple apparatus called a coating-box, which is so arranged as to be perfectly tight, retaining the vapor of the iodine or accelerators, and at the same time allowing, by means of a slide, the exposure of the plate to these vapors.
  • exaggerates Attention exaggerates it, and makes diversion of mind difficult.
  • exasperates
  • exhilarates
  • execrates

378 words made from the letters excelerates

3 letter words made from excelerates:

eec, asl, lax, act, ese, lea, res, cxl, xcl, era, let, ert, axe, tea, are, cer, lat, ale, esr, lee, car, rat, aec, eta, als, tax, ear, clx, art, sea, ret, eat, arc, cst, ace, tec, tar, sec, eel, tlc, etc, exa, ras, alt, sex, see, cat, sac, lac, tee, sat, crt, ler, sle, ate, est, ect, ter, set, sax.

4 letter words made from excelerates:

5 letter words made from excelerates:

estle, aseel, alere, carte, raese, crate, alter, astre, saxer, sexte, tease, seeta, relax, ertle, exest, ratee, relex, reate, alete, later, cerat, reste, erste, letra, esler, seert, ralte, retes, axels, areel, ceres, eclat, ceras, clast, stale, xerta, setal, artec, salet, scarl, stela, raxle, extel, teers, searl, lacet, taels, retal, exalt, tesla, esera, laxer, telex, serle, aelst, sleet, sarel, arcee, actel, celtx, scrae, leets, extra, ercel, clere, saler, axtel, taxer, creta, lease, sacer, ceral, reset, letea, selce, terex, csere, telae, easer, stael, trece, carts, latex, celer, secta, arete, strae, cater, xlate, terce, clert, saree, execl, seret, scree, astle, alers, teres, elect, strax, seele, teals, slate, raste, exler, aerts, teras, sater, erase, seral, lexes, teele, leres, taler, seaer, tarle, least, leats, clear, trace, clase, crest, talcs, stare, axles, carex, ecast, reast, erect, eletr, tears, seale, cease, reest, arcel, seree, stele, creel, leser, trese, ratel, serax, selee, laxes, alert, sexer, react, steer, eater, celts, selar, leers, lexar, elers, recta, selat, texas, scale, cleat, artel, atler, ester, clats, tares, steel, leear, rates, leete, caste, acree, elate, teera, easel, exact, trela, laces, aster, cesta, reale, acres, caret, acter, excel, leest, eales, leste, slart, alces, actes, leare, certa, easle, scare, sceat, lacer, laers, teare, rexes, etree, satre, steal, reces, exert, execs, seare, laser, cares, crete, raxes, rexel, cerae, reals, creal, retax, caere, ertel, terse.

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