Correct spelling for EXPECTIONALLY

We think the word expectionally is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for expectionally

  • Exceptionally
  • Turnbull, who was exceptionally lively and laughing in his demeanour, kicked his legs about like a schoolboy and said he did not want to go to sleep.

  • Expecting
  • Exceptional(Definition of exceptional)
  • The circumstances of england were exceptional.

  • Expeditionary(Definition of expeditionary)
  • They talk as if it meant absolute annihilation of our small covering force of about 5000. the whole remainder of the expeditionary force, i presume, will lie out at sea till the coast is clear-should we succeed in clearing it, but it is very evident every man i have spoken to has practically no hope of ever returning.

  • Exponentially
  • Expectancy(Definition of expectancy)
  • There was expectancy that was ill disguised.

  • Exactingly
  • Expectantly
  • They did as others would do under the circumstances-hung on in the great city as best they could, in the hope of a better fortune soon, living expectantly from day to day.

969 words made from the letters expectionally

3 letter words made from expectionally:

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5 letter words made from expectionally:

altin, aptly, coati, coney, ciena, ctene, colie, canol, aylen, capet, colee, cloye, atnip, canot, atony, altyn, aline, anile, caloy, clyno, caito, atene, ayele, cipta, clipe, apion, caion, cipto, alite, cyane, atoll, cotai, aleye, coila, cyton, ayton, canet, allen, axton, coxae, copia, atole, axtel, atopy, coity, cipot, acone, atelo, ainee, cilan, cenpi, aello, caney, aycox, centi, axile, axino, atlin, clype, aneto, axone, ailey, anexo, cleal, clyne, ealey, citee, celan, alley, cante, eapen, colli, copei, apoel, clone, alete, alone, acoel, celal, copel, canto, aloni, atyeo, coapt, ceoil, cinto, catli, clein, copal, clean, aceto, aiton, coatl, claye, calyx, clipt, eatly, acene, colly, allot, axley, cilea, cnote, cente, antly, apley, conly, anele, allio, calpe, cayon, celle, clito, aplon, canly, copil, cotey, cipel, cinae, conel, clane, coile, cielo, celtx, colne, cinta, canio, ayelp, clept, clain, canty, alcoy, aplin, canoy, axion, alloy, cyano, atoni, cleto, cayne, cipla, cline, aille, axite, actin, eatin, calne, eaten, coeli, actio, coate, catly, alito, ation, cliny, aneel, clent, ciona, coxen, calot, altix, conti, actel, apito, aylin, cylix, coill, copla, ancol, celyn, caton, cleat, allco, cinoa, cotan, celly, copen, cello, allee, cylon, copay, conta, ciply, cient, ecall, ciano, coale, coxal, calox, antle, canoe, alien, aylet, anole, antic, copie, capon, cione, antix, atone.

4 letter words made from expectionally:

axle, cite, lail, lean, epyx, liao, late, eely, coln, elan, lapi, ixpl, cley, eeny, clop, ayin, anio, call, coya, iynx, copt, clan, cola, ilet, iten, cell, cope, ilex, anle, liel, clip, leni, aney, lany, lilt, cony, ctxn, aoli, coil, leti, lele, clio, coey, clot, lape, ileo, aiye, city, alne, etlo, enyl, alep, cyan, coin, eoan, cnlt, coal, clay, iypt, cain, coex, allt, cali, inec, iyan, lily, illy, enel, apex, eien, line, laye, lein, ciao, iton, ancy, axil, aeon, elya, leio, eile, axin, cloy, laic, epae, exon, elei, inoa, leel, inle, acyl, aloe, lane, inca, cple, itll, liny, acne, layl, atle, coen, etna, lace, enyo, capo, cene, leao, ayte, apne, cpio, elli, enic, itno, ceyx, ealy, lely, leon, icao, etoy, leal, ilpo, laon, epic, enol, layo, exit, cyon, cole, inyo, ilna, eipo, alto, cent, eeto, coat, atop, lien, clon, iota, elio, icey, ipay, ally, coax, alee, lint, copy, lino, lanx, aleo, laie, eley, anol, clap, ipco, ayon, inya, expo, leyl, cote, axon, lecy, aiyn, celt, cone, liet, laox, lena, ayni, ento, elia, inlo, ante, exil, lent, enlo, leit, enix, anti, lilo, leil, leap, icon, eteo, liol, epel, lacy, leto, coxa, cape, ecto, anil, colt, calx, cane, lelo, elea, ical, cant, clit.