What is the correct spelling for EXPERMINTING?

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Correct spelling for EXPERMINTING

We think the word experminting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for experminting

  • expanding A vast multitude stood around me, attentively watching the expanding folds of my balloon, as it swayed to and fro in the unsteady air.
  • expending As you may recall, passage of a high velocity missile, the damage it does, is dependent on two factors, actually, one being deformation of the missile, increase in its relative caliber, and the other the expending of the energy of that missile in the object it strikes.
  • exporting
  • Examining Dinner being over, Madam Conway and Maggie returned to the parlor, where, while the former resumed her chair, the latter amused herself by examining the books and odd-looking daguerreotypes which lay upon the table.
  • Exempting Justice Field, for example, felt that taxing persons whose income was $4,000 and exempting those whose income was less than that amount was like taxing Protestants, as a class, at one rate and Catholics at another.
  • Expecting 6. "Well, according to your philosophy," I said, "you will continue to have sunshine because you are expecting a storm."
  • Expediting 8. But as they appeared to him to do this too tardily, he ordered, as if in anger, the noblest Persians of his suite to assist in expediting the carriages.
  • Experiencing Several of the travellers were congratulating themselves that, when they reached dry land, they would be able to boast that they had voyaged from Southampton to Jersey without experiencing a single qualm.
  • Expiating
  • Exterminating
  • experimenting As Doyle justly observed, not only was the moral effect of this advice excellent, but there was practical advantage to be gained as well, those who had intended buying on margin in the first place most certainly not being deterred by the advertisement from doing so, while on the other hand, many who had never dreamed of experimenting with this risky form of gambling, being told not to do so, and finding in addition that, if they did, they were bound to make four or five times as much-when Konahassett went up-would yield to temptation, and thus largely increase the amount of the stock subscribed.

470 words made from the letters experminting

3 letter words made from experminting:

ter, ene, meg, mri, epi, ige, nmr, nee, ern, emg, pei, tee, rip, gnp, teg, pin, pet, pee, rem, eeg, gmt, rpm, nig, ent, peg, nim, ire, pig, nix, gem, inn, gee, tin, mei, mix, ret, nne, tpn, rig, tri, gxe, gen, rep, nit, pre, ten, nip, min, get, pix, rit, rim, xii, gin, trm, igm, pit, imp, net, pen, mit, men, ert, pie, tip, erg, per, tie.

4 letter words made from experminting:

gene, epng, riem, mixi, xeer, tipi, nixt, erei, gien, rptn, xrep, ming, mine, emir, tiri, girt, emin, mtge, pert, imee, mein, rime, grip, mene, erie, nein, reen, mien, mpge, negm, nemr, giti, pint, gnrn, teem, nget, pine, rein, emit, tern, ting, ring, eien, gipn, term, nige, rent, prig, rege, temi, grin, ping, nipe, egri, eini, exit, mint, mexi, trip, item, gimp, eier, erni, nine, grit, tepe, mere, inti, pent, pene, nexp, mixe, eter, engi, inge, peen, rite, etre, peri, temp, prim, ingi, iing, ngee, grim, pier, ning, expr, tree, ripe, trig, egin, nnex, neem, minx, egen, imin, tier, mire, miri, mite, enix, mini, penn, xmir, erne, meet, tire, time, reeg, etim, tine, gent, reti, peer, mext, gper, germ, eire, perm, next, teip, tepi, rete, meen, iten, xene, meir, reit, enim, metn, inme, teen, nrem, reni, trei, trim.

5 letter words made from experminting:

menne, nimir, mixte, miter, gieen, renig, meite, nimni, teign, reing, meren, menen, prinn, egrep, tiein, egert, nimet, iring, terex, ieper, niten, enter, empeg, renge, miret, inner, tieri, peine, irmin, emirp, remet, piene, regmi, meret, pinte, mitee, egret, peter, niner, einie, exner, mpret, getin, tenri, emine, neger, getme, meter, piing, timei, miner, gente, minni, imreg, piner, gerne, mtier, emini, prien, niete, green, niter, petie, ngern, merin, piter, timir, pente, eiger, metge, tiner, renin, priem, gitin, miert, nepit, giner, emert, mitre, ierne, greim, ngiti, nexen, tengi, piert, niger, perge, exige, eimer, inert, timer, negre, meger, menin, germe, ripen, ingen, eteri, gripe, rinne, egner, exing, terne, negri, tener, penge, metin, enger, gemen, retin, genet, temir, ergin, prenn, remex, merge, penii, preen, peret, inept, pitri, einin, emiri, pitre, tenir, negin, ningi, remen, neier, regni, rempt, peten, gemex, nginx, exert, ginep, tepig, metre, pitie, neige, reign, ninti, mirin, retie, enpei, ennie, penie, enten, ringe, inite, griet, mixin, terim, penni, peire, mixer, prine, terme, ergen, grime, iigep, tenge, empie, innie, gerin, entre, temne, pixie, prete, rempe, eigen, nixer, gript, inger, einen, priit, rente, greet, entin, inmet, prime, terem, mengi, penix, genin, repeg, giren, penem, menti, exine, geter, temen, temin, pieri, merit, geert, pimen, riege, timpe, inrix, pinin, pring, tieng, rgime, igene, riepe, retem, pexin, innit, gerti, nimer, pirin, tinge, peeng, exite, genri, ering, gener, einem, ptere, imeri, grein, tiene, temer, tiree, imeni, priti, minin, grine, minge, inmix, genip, genre, gimpe, neeti, tenix, teper, nitre, ntini, inter, perie, piere, rieng, penne, terni, pinni, perng, preti, griep, print, geier, nimit, erent, inpex, miege, niemi, peixe, nimri, iinet, niere, rieti, tiger, tempi, remit, nexin.

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