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How to spell FANING correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "faning", fear not! The correct term you might be looking for is "fanning". This refers to the act of using a fan to create a breeze or to wave something with a fan-like motion. So, next time you want to cool off or flirtatiously fan yourself, remember to use the proper spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell faning correctly

  • caning
  • facing
  • fading
  • faking She was accused of faking the injury to get out of doing work.
  • Fanning She was fanning herself to cool down on the hot summer day.
  • Faring He was faring quite well in his job until the pandemic hit.
  • fawning The employee was fawning over the boss, hoping for a promotion.
  • fazing She took off her fazing shirt and revealed her breasts.
  • Fining The local government is considering fining companies that pollute the river.
  • waning The moon is waning tonight, and it will be completely dark within a few days.

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