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How to spell FARNING correctly?

If you meant to type "farming" but accidentally wrote "farning", don't worry! Autocorrect can sometimes be tricky. To correct this, simply replace the "n" with an "m" to get the word "farming". Remember to double-check your typing to avoid such minor errors in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell farning correctly

  • awning The awning over the front door provided shade on sunny days.
  • caning The lord ordered the caning of the criminal for his heinous crimes.
  • darning I spent my afternoon darning the holes in my favorite sweater.
  • Earning I am earning my salary by working hard at my job.
  • facing I am facing a challenging task at work today.
  • fading After the party, the smell of cigarettes and plastic lingered in the air, fading away as the evening cooled.
  • Fainting I almost fell on my head when I saw my grandpa fainting.
  • Fairing A fairing is a cover or modification to the exterior of an aircraft or vehicle to improve its aerodynamic performance.
  • faking I knew she was faking her laughter, but I didn't call her out on it.
  • Fanning As the hot summer sun beat down on her, she began fanning herself vigorously with a nearby magazine.
  • farina My granma used to make farina pudding on special occasions.
  • Faring I am Faring.
  • farming I have been farming my whole life.
  • farthing In the olden days, one could buy a loaf of bread for a farthing.
  • farting The culprit was the sound of the other family's child farting.
  • fawning The manager was fawning over the celebrity, hoping to get a photo with him.
  • fazing
  • Fearing Fearing the worst, she took a deep breath and opened the test results.
  • Fining
  • firing Everyone was firing their guns as they were running away.
  • learning
  • waning The winter sun was waning in the sky.
  • warning
  • yearning I had a yearning to travel the world and experience different cultures.

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