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How to spell FEAKED correctly?

The correct spelling for "feaked" could be "faked" or "freaked". "Faked" refers to something that is not genuine or has been falsely created while "freaked" refers to being frightened or experiencing an intense emotional reaction. It is important to double-check spellings to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell feaked correctly

  • baked
  • beaked The eagle swooped down with its beaked hooked, ready to catch its prey.
  • Caked The mud on his boots was so caked that it took him an hour to clean them.
  • Eked I eked out a meager living by selling handmade crafts at the local farmer's market.
  • faced She faced her fear of public speaking and gave a successful presentation.
  • faded The picture on the wall had faded with time.
  • fake He put on a fake smile to hide his disappointment.
  • faked He faked an injury to avoid going to work.
  • faker He was caught red-handed being a faker when he claimed to have a degree in medicine.
  • fakes
  • Famed The famed musician will be playing at the concert hall next week.
  • Fared She fared well on her final exam and passed with flying colors.
  • fated It seemed as if the couple were fated to meet each other, no matter how many times they tried to avoid it.
  • Faxed I faxed him a document.
  • fazed
  • Feared She feared getting lost in the unfamiliar city.
  • feed
  • Feted The party was feted by the mayor and the guests were all impressed by the elegant arrangements.
  • finked I finked my math test and got a D- in math.
  • Flaked I flaked on my plans with friends last night because I was feeling under the weather.
  • flecked The white paint on the walls was flecked with small specks of green.
  • forked The road forked into two directions, and we weren't sure which way to go.
  • Freaked I totally freaked out when I woke up and found out my dog was gone.
  • funked I really wanted to try something new, but I was too scared and I funked out.
  • Leaked The leaked documents jeopardize the security of the country.
  • peaked She peaked at the age of 25.
  • Raked The area was raked clean.
  • Waked He waked up early to prepare breakfast for his family.
  • Wreaked The mother wreaked havoc upon the home.

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