Correct spelling for FEIRCELY

We think the word feircely is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for feircely

  • Firmly(Definition of firmly)
  • "you will take both," he said firmly.

  • Freely(Definition of freely)
  • I ran freely across the room to the hot water.

  • Fairly(Definition of fairly)
  • You know i can speak the russian language fairly well, for i have lived some time in the country.

  • Felice
  • And casa felice belongs to you?"

  • Feebly(Definition of feebly)
  • "i think that i'll run into the city now," he suggested, feebly.

  • Finley
  • Those bruises never came from falling down stairs, mrs. finley; that child has been cruelly abused.

  • Fiercely(Definition of fiercely)
  • Yes, we shall see-those of us"-he glanced fiercely round the room-"who are alive next week-how far my threats are vain."

  • Tersely
  • "hide the wagon and horses in the clump of cottonwoods," he ordered, tersely.

  • Fierce(Definition of fierce)
  • For the moment, however, the fierce uruguayan partisans had had enough of fighting.

  • Fiercer
  • "yes," said lilly, feeling herself rather terrifiedly past the fiercer rush of life, "only youth."

  • Feels
  • The empress's father, for his part, feels so happy in his heart.

  • Frizzly(Definition of frizzly)
  • It appears certain, however, that grijalva visited many islands on the north coast of new guinea, and one, in particular, called isla de los crespos, island of the frizzly heads, at the entrance of geelvinck bay, near which a mutiny occurred, and grijalva was murdered by his revolted crew.

  • Force(Definition of force)
  • The first of these plans was never for an instant thought of; the second was immediately put into force.

  • Nicely(Definition of nicely)
  • She dressed nicely, sang and played agreeably, danced well, and had a cheerful, affectionate disposition.

  • Farce(Definition of farce)
  • Moreover, the so-called ruthless submarine campaign was, according to the opinion of admiral von tirpitz, who was at that time still in office, although he was not consulted until the decision was taken, a military farce.

  • Farley
  • "careful," warned farley ironically.

  • Ferrell
  • Ferrell turned toward his daughter.

  • Fizzle(Definition of fizzle)
  • Thur wur two or dree gentlemen in, an' thay larfed at the fizzle an' i. it seemed to meak me veel merryish, an' i zed, "what's to pay, young 'ooman?"

  • Finely(Definition of finely)
  • This city is finely situated on a wide plain of the guadalquivir.

  • Filly(Definition of filly)
  • I still retained my eye for a neat filly.

  • Frilly
  • Dora was a long time finding that for which she was searching among the clothes hanging on a row of nails, and susie, rolling her eyes in that direction, was sure, very sure, that she saw teacher dab at her lashes with the frilly ruffle of a petticoat before she turned around.

  • Firstly(Definition of firstly)
  • Firstly, you are having such a good time in this world that you don't really enjoy yourself-isn't that so?"

  • Ferule(Definition of ferule)
  • It was here, as you might have been informed on good authority, that you had come into a world which appeared to offer a variety of sources of interest; it was here that your grandmother lived, in venerable solitude, and dispensed a hospitality which commended itself alike to the infant imagination and the infant palate; it was here that you took your first walks abroad, following the nursery-maid with unequal step and sniffing up the strange odour of the ailantus-trees which at that time formed the principal umbrage of the square, and diffused an aroma that you were not yet critical enough to dislike as it deserved; it was here, finally, that your first school, kept by a broad-bosomed, broad-based old lady with a ferule, who was always having tea in a blue cup, with a saucer that didn't match, enlarged the circle both of your observations and your sensations.

140 words made from the letters feircely

4 letter words made from feircely:

fire, elfi, clef, cere, elei, lyfe, ryfe, fyre, rely, feel, frye, frce, cree, lyce, cefr, riel, yeri, rece, eire, flee, lief, erce, eley, fley, fery, rife, life, ryle, lecy, rice, free, liye, eier, file, lyre, eery, lery, ricy, erei, reel, leer, yele, iler, ecer, frie, icey, erie, ryce, reye, rile, crye, frei, irey, reef, ilfc, fiel, fler, eely, iyer, eile, frey, feil, cley.

5 letter words made from feircely:

eiley, creel, eiler, rifle, lifer, reife, ercel, celer, friel, refly, feile, reefy, ferey, freie, eyler, filer, efile, filey, reily, relic, riley, feyer, freel, clery, firey, elric, relie, reile, reify, erice, frlec, lyric, leery, cleef, ereli, lycee, feely, clier, fiery, clere, firle, flier, flyer, creil, ricey, eyrie, riely, feiry, crile, flrie.

3 letter words made from feircely:

fir, cry, lee, ifc, ice, lir, rye, fee, ire, fri, eye, lie, lei, ecf, fry, elf, eel, fly, icy, lye, cli, ley, ref, cer, ler, eec, fey.