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How to spell FIUTHER correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "fiuther", worry not! The correct spelling is "further". A simple replacement of the "i" with a "u" turns it into the proper word. Remember, "further" means to extend or advance something, so make sure to use it correctly in your sentences.

List of suggestions on how to spell fiuther correctly

  • dither The team couldn't decide on the logo and continued to dither back and forth, wasting precious time.
  • either You can either help me or leave me alone.
  • farther I can run farther than I did last week.
  • father I am humbled by my father's sacrifices.
  • feather
  • filthier The kitchen was even filthier after cooking dinner for eight people.
  • fisher The fisher is a carnivorous mammal found in the northern hemisphere.
  • fitter I need a fitter for my workout.
  • further Further study will be required in order to fully understand the subject matter.
  • hither "Come hither," called the queen to her loyal servant.
  • Lither I love being lither.
  • luther The 1517 Bible translation known as the Luther Bible was named after Martin Luther.
  • tither The church encourages members to tithe a portion of their income, and so the faithful tither donated generously to support the congregation's missions and ministries.
  • wither The flowers began to wither after not being watered for several days.
  • zither This music box plays beautiful zither music.

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