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How to spell FLIND correctly?

If you meant to write "fling" but ended up with "flind", here are some possible corrections. Auto-correct might suggest "find", "flint" or "fling". Alternatively, you could mean the word "flind" used as a noun in Dungeons & Dragons, referring to a half-fling/half-goblin creature. In any case, clarifying the intended meaning is crucial to provide an accurate suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell flind correctly

  • blind She was blind to his deception until it was too late.
  • feline The feline's purring put me right to sleep.
  • fend She used a stick to fend off the dog.
  • fiend The serial killer was a fiend who had no mercy on his victims.
  • filing
  • find I am hopeful that I will find my lost keys.
  • fined
  • flan I baked a gingerbread flan for dessert.
  • Fled She fled the room in tears.
  • flied The baseball was flied to center field for a seemingly impossible catch.
  • fling I was about to fling my coat across the room when I realized I had left my laptop behind.
  • flint How to Strike a Flint and Light a Fire
  • flints The archaeologist found many flints in the prehistoric site.
  • flinty Despite her normally warm persona, her gaze was flinty when she realized her trust had been betrayed.
  • flit
  • fluid I threw some fluid on the fire to put it out.
  • fond She was very fond of her dog.
  • fund I am going to put some money into the fund.
  • land The land is fertile and hospitable.
  • lend
  • lind
  • Linda She is Linda from accounting.
  • lindy Lindy Hop is a dance that originated in Harlem in the 1920's.
  • lined I feel so lined up after our meeting.
  • lint I need to get a lint out of my hair.

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