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How to spell FLUITE correctly?

If you meant to type "flute" but accidentally spelled it as "fluite", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions to help you out: "flute", "fluted", "flutes", "fluting" or "flutist". Now you can correctly refer to the beautiful musical instrument without any spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell fluite correctly

  • elite The private school only admits students who are part of the elite society.
  • flit
  • flits The tiny creature flits about the room.
  • flue The family made do with a fireside flue to heat their newly built farmhouse.
  • fluid The fluid in my car's engine is low and needs to be topped off.
  • fluids The nurse delivered the baby and fluids were given to the child.
  • fluke Winning the lottery was just a fluke for him.
  • flume After getting approval from his boss, he began to build the flume.
  • fluorite The mineral fluorite is a type of mineral found in most countries with a temperate climate.
  • fluster
  • flute
  • Fluted The fluted columns of the ancient Greek temples are beautiful to behold.
  • flutes The flutes were blowing in the wind.
  • flutter The leaves on the tree began to flutter as a light breeze passed by.
  • fruit I love to snack on fresh fruit throughout the day.
  • lite This is a lite version of the story.
  • lute

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