How to spell FOLEN correctly?

If you're searching for the correct spelling of "folen", it's likely you meant "fallen". Alternatively, you could be referring to "fohlen", which is the German word for "foal". Double-check the context to confirm the accurate spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell folen correctly

  • boleyn
  • Coleen Coleen is my best friend who always uplifts my spirits.
  • fallen The tree had fallen in the storm, blocking the driveway.
  • felon The police arrested him for being a felon.
  • fen The fen was home to a variety of birds and wildlife.
  • file I need to organize my paperwork and put them in a file.
  • filer I need to buy a new filer for my office to keep my documents organized.
  • flan I ordered a delicious flan for dessert at the fancy restaurant.
  • flea The flea on my dog's back was so tiny that I almost missed it.
  • Fled The rabbit fled when it saw the predator approaching.
  • flee The villagers had to flee their homes due to the impending volcanic eruption.
  • Flew The bird flew away when I tried to approach it.
  • foaled
  • foiled The heist was foiled when the gang's planning was discovered.
  • FOL
  • fold She placed a crisp dollar bill on the counter and watched the cashier fold it neatly before dropping it into the register.
  • folder I have a folder full of old drawings.
  • Foley The detective asked to see the victim's Foley.
  • folio I need to organize my papers more efficiently with a folio.
  • folk The folk of this kingdom are an eccentric lot.
  • FOLL I found a hat on the floor that I presumed belonged to my husband. Foll, or is it fog?
  • folly I committed a folly by eating too much cake.
  • Fooled I was fooled into believing that he was telling the truth.
  • fouled I fouled my hand in the manure.
  • Fowled I fowled my bird when I cooked it.
  • fowler Fowler's bird is the most popular.
  • glen She walked through the peaceful glen and marveled at the beauty of nature around her.
  • Jolene I promised Jolene I'd take her to the movies tonight.
  • Len Len is short for the name Lenny.
  • Olen
  • Olin Olin was having a terrible day.
  • pollen The pollen from the flowers made her sneeze.
  • woolen I wear a woolen coat in winter.

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