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How to spell FRDGE correctly?

If you've misspelled "frdge" and need the correct term, it's "fridge". Simple errors happen! To avoid such mistakes, double-check spellings or use auto-correct tools. Accurate spelling ensures effective communication, so let's embrace technology and proofreading to keep our written language error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell frdge correctly

  • bridge The bridge was so high that I felt a knot in my stomach just looking at it.
  • dredge The workers used a dredge to clear the river of debris after the flood.
  • drudge Joe hated his warehouse job, he felt like such a drudge performing the same tedious tasks every day.
  • forage
  • forge The blacksmith used the forge to heat the metal before shaping it into a sword.
  • FRAG The soldier threw the frag and ran for cover.
  • free
  • fridge I need to go to the grocery store because there's no food left in the fridge.
  • fridges I need to put my food in the fridges.
  • FRIG I need a FRIG for that ice cream.
  • fringe She was wearing a bright fringe dress.
  • frog I heard a frog croaking in the pot.
  • frogs The frogs are jumping in the water.
  • frye
  • fudge My grandma's homemade fudge is the best dessert ever!
  • grudge I can tell he still held a grudge against me for not showing up to his party last year.
  • rage Rage can consume a person and make them do things they normally wouldn't do.
  • ridge Ridge running through the mountain is a beautiful sight.
  • trudge I had to trudge through the snow to get to work this morning.

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