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How to spell FRIENS correctly?

If you frequently misspell "friens", worry not! Here are a couple of suggestions to help you type it correctly. Double-check for the common error of swapping the 'e' and 'i,' and make sure to add the missing 'd.' Practicing and being mindful will surely improve your spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell friens correctly

  • feigns He feigns interest in his brother's hobbies to appear supportive, but really couldn't care less.
  • fens The fens are a great place to find birds.
  • Finns Many Finns enjoy spending time in their numerous saunas.
  • fins The shark swam gracefully through the water, its fins propelling it effortlessly forward.
  • frees
  • frets He frets about his appearance all the time.
  • friars friars live a quiet life of prayer.
  • friend I am going to meet my friend at the park today.
  • Friends Friends are the best thing in life.
  • fries I had a large order of fries with my burger at the fast-food restaurant.
  • frieze A frieze is a long, narrow strip of artwork running along the top of a wall.
  • friezes The friezes around the throne depicted scenes from Greek mythology.
  • frowns She frowns whenever she hears that particular song.
  • Furies In Greek mythology, the Furies were female spirits of justice and vengeance.
  • grins After winning the race, the athlete grins from ear to ear.
  • wrens In the morning, the wrens in the bird box are singing.

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