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How to spell FROCES correctly?

If you meant to spell "forces" but wrote "froces" instead, here are a few possible correct suggestions. Double-check your spelling to ensure accuracy: "forces", "frosts", "forges", "frocks", "frowns". Proofread your work to avoid misspelling common words or use spell-check tools to catch errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell froces correctly

  • braces I need braces for my teeth to be straightened.
  • Faces Theresa thought of all the faces she had seen over the years.
  • farces We had a lot of fun at the farces.
  • feces The veterinarian asked for a sample of the dog's feces to check for any abnormalities.
  • fences The farmer built strong fences to keep his livestock from wandering away.
  • forces I can't help but feel the forces are against me.
  • Foxes In England, foxes are considered the national animal.
  • fracas The family's Thanksgiving photo turned into a fracas when everyone disagreed about who was in the frame.
  • frames The picture frames on the wall are all crooked.
  • Frances My grandmother was Frances.
  • frees The new software update frees up more space on your computer's hard drive.
  • fries I ordered a cheeseburger with fries.
  • frocks I love wearing my frocks to work.
  • frogs I don't like frogs.
  • frosts The frosts of winter coated the trees with a shimmering layer of ice.
  • froths The milk froths over when I add it to the water.
  • frowns My boss always frowns when he sees me coming in late.
  • Froze As I stepped out of the warm car, I froze in the bitter cold.
  • frozen I left my soda outside for too long and now it's completely frozen.
  • graces The ballerina moved with such fluidity and grace that she captivated the audience with her graces.
  • grocers I need to stop by the grocers on my way home to pick up some fresh produce.
  • Prices The prices of groceries are rising every day.
  • process The process of cooking the meal was very tedious.
  • Races The Olympic Games feature various races in running, swimming, and cycling.
  • ROSES I bought a bouquet of red and white roses for my grandmother's birthday.
  • traces The scene of the crime is still visible in the traces of blood on the floor.
  • truces During World War I, various Christmas truces were held in the trenches between the German and Allied troops.

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