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How to spell FUSSEY correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "fussey", fear not! Some possible correct suggestions include "fussy", denoting someone who is particular or demanding or "fuzzy", referring to something unclear or soft to the touch. Remember to proofread your work to avoid such misspellings and ensure clarity in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell fussey correctly

  • fosse I found an old tunnel that ran underneath the fosse.
  • fuse The electrician replaced the blown fuse in the circuit box.
  • fused The two metals were fused together to create a new alloy.
  • fusee The firefighter lit the fusee to signal the helicopter for rescue.
  • fuses Electrical wiring can be damaged by fuses.
  • fuss Mom always seems to be making a fuss about nothing.
  • Fussed I fussed over my outfit for hours before finally deciding what to wear.
  • fusses She always fusses over the littlest things and it drives me crazy.
  • fussily I was fussily unpacking my new suitcase.
  • fussy The restaurant received negative reviews due to their fussy serving style.
  • fusty I'm not a fan of fusty old wine.

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