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How to spell FUTERING correctly?

If you find yourself repeatedly misspelling "futering", you might consider the following correct suggestions: "futuring", which refers to the act of envisioning or planning for the future or "fettering", which means to restrain or limit. Double-checking and selecting the appropriate word can help prevent confusion and ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell futering correctly

  • Buttering
  • catering The catering for the wedding reception was handled by a local company that specializes in gourmet cuisine.
  • faltering She took a deep breath and pushed forward, despite her faltering confidence.
  • Fathering He took his role of fathering seriously and spent quality time with his children every day.
  • festering
  • fettering The fear of failure was fettering her ability to take risks.
  • Filtering The filtering process helps to keep the data accurate and up to date.
  • fluttering She could feel the fluttering of her heart as she stepped up to the microphone.
  • fostering She has been fostering kittens for the local animal shelter for over five years.
  • furring The contractor will install furring strips before applying the drywall.
  • Furthering
  • guttering The guttering needs fixing.
  • metering The new system for metering the water usage has led to a decrease in wastage.
  • Mitering The carpenter spent most of the day mitering the corners of the picture frame.
  • muttering
  • neutering The veterinarian recommended neutering my male cat to prevent him from spraying around the house.
  • Petering The room was beginning to petering out.
  • Puttering I was puttering around the shop before I remembered I needed to go grocery shopping.
  • suturing The doctor was able to close the wound by suturing it.
  • Tutoring She signed up for after-school tutoring to improve her grades in math.
  • uterine The doctor found abnormal cells in my uterine lining during my routine gynecological exam.
  • Uttering After uttering his last words, the man fell to the ground without a sound.
  • watering

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