Correct spelling for GALOURE

We think the word galoure is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for galoure

  • allure But neither peace nor plenty could allure him where Nello was not.
  • calorie Unit Water Temperature Rise 1 B. t. u. 1 Pound 1 Degree Fahrenheit 1 Calorie 1 Kilogram 1 Degree centigrade
  • closure The wedges and adjusting shoes are thickened when this becomes necessary by reason of the box closure or width.
  • cloture Les Parties ayant presente tous les eclaircissements et preuves, tous les temoins ayant ete entendus, le President prononce la cloture de l'enquete et la Commission s'ajourne pour deliberer et rediger son rapport.
  • colour Sometimes at night, when the moon gave the place grey shadows and white lights, or in the early morning when the first birds were crying in the trees and the sea was slowly taking colour from the rising sun, in the perfect stillness and beauty of those hours the house had seemed to speak to him with a new voice.
  • coloured He coloured foolishly, and stood for a moment awkwardly in the middle of the room.
  • failure Indeed, this failure of Ingeborg's entirely spoilt the visit.
  • gale "Conrad is jealous," remarked Walter Gale.
  • gallery Eight years later, in 1817, he painted "Flatford Mill on the Stour," No. 1273 in the National Gallery, which forms one of our illustrations.
  • galore The fatted pig was invariably killed in his honor, and he was regaled with fried pork, roast pig, broiled hog, sausages, and doughnuts reeking with swine fat ad nauseam, galore.
  • glamour The fascination, the subtle personal glamour he unconsciously threw over those who came in true contact with him, made them always expect more than he accomplished, for in that there was not even the stimulus of ambition.
  • glare And they made dim the lights in the Great Causeway, that there should no glare go forth into the Land, when the Gate was opened; and behold, they opened not the lesser gate within the greater, for me; but did honour my journey, in that they swung wide the Great Gate itself, through which a monstrous army might pass.
  • globe Price per set, English cloth, gilt, $44.00. The Globe Edition.
  • glory On Fame's eternal camping-ground Their silent tents are spread And Glory guards, with solemn round, The bivouac of the dead."
  • glove 174. The Glove, p.
  • glower It fastened onto a skinny neck and clamped shut, whereupon Abe rolled victoriously free and paused to glower at his victim.
  • glue On the floor were pails and brushes, bundles of dry colors, glue, and the various articles needed by a scene-painter.
  • gore Gore is the peninsula of Gower; Liones probably the land south-west of Cornwall, now sunk beneath the sea; and Avalonia was the name given to one of the many small islands of the once marshy, low-lying shore of Somersetshire, which became afterwards better known as Glastonbury.
  • loire Leaving his flocks to ramble at will over the plains and neighbouring hills, with the divine letter clasped in his hand, Stephen ran homeward through the little village where he lived, past its dilapidated church, its quaint shops and rows of houses, over the old stone bridge by which the main street crosses the little river Loir, running in a southerly direction to join the beautiful Loire.
  • lore The Brahmin from his distant home Brings thoughts of ancient lore; The Bhuddist breaking bonds of caste Divides mankind no more.
  • lorre Chuck Lorre.
  • lure Probably the lure of a great city would have held him up to the point of a break-down, had not a letter from his father set him thinking thoughts that changed his life once more.
  • Clare 85. Stall-end in the Library of Clare College, Cambridge.
  • Gloria The plump, cheerful master touched his cap to Gloria Loring.
  • Glover Blair and Witzig warmly approved this; Filley and Broadhead finally acquiesced, while How and Glover were opposed to both the manner and time and wanted a writ of replevin served by the United States Marshal.
  • Claire "Yes," stammered Claire; "he knew."
  • Gilmore There had been an older child who died as a baby of eight months, and so Widow Gilmore was left at thirty-five with her only child, Hattie, and a hundred-and-forty-acre farm, with the house in town.

217 words made from the letters galoure

4 letter words made from galoure:

grue, loue, ergo, lagu, areo, euro, urgo, grau, ugle, rale, orge, aleo, elua, lear, gore, raue, alur, real, ruga, gaur, aloe, gelo, garu, agur, glau, eglu, aero, lega, urge, golu, urga, gaol, luga, luge, gure, ogea, luro, gear, loeu, goer, geul, ague, lore, guar, luar, roga, rago, rule, oglu, loga, lago, leao, oreg, rage, eral, alou, goal, gura, loge, lour, oure, orga, ugra, olea, gula, reul, leur, ruag, lero, orlu, earl, roue, argo, urea, luer, uale, guro, gale, arul, ogre, gual, gole, gaul, oral, gelu, lure, rega, rola, role, lger, auro, gulo, ruea, ogle, gael, ogae, auer, eorl, glue, ruge, oger.

3 letter words made from galoure:

goa, lag, are, ola, gal, gel, ler, era, ego, lea, log, lug, leo, ear, oar, rue, luo, rug, rag, uro, leg, aug, erg, url, ale, gar, ore, ago, roe, lao, gur, leu, age.

5 letter words made from galoure:

gorle, glare, rugel, lorge, ealor, groel, lager, erugo, goler, louer, rouge, geral, guero, graul, elgar, large, argle, orage, galer, orale, goral, regal, agler, gelao, alger, guare, luego, rague, alero, gruel, realo, ogura, greul, regul, argue, gauer, gloea, grael, largo, rogue, laroe, guale, eugoa, algeo, roule, guera, glaur, louga, oreal, auger, ogler, ragel, golar, arulo, elarg, ragle, logar, guaro, glera, loure, guler, goure, gorel, loera, regla, graue, ouaer, rugal, garou, gaule, argel, rugao, euroa, urgel, garel, ourea, gurel, ulger, rogal, loger, gural, luger, rolag.

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