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How to spell GELED correctly?

If you have come across the misspelling "geled", it is likely an error for the word "gelled". Gelled refers to the process of solidifying or becoming cohesive. With spell check and proofreading, such mistakes can be easily rectified, ensuring accurate communication in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell geled correctly

  • galled It galled the athlete to see his opponent win the race.
  • Geed I've always wanted a Geed.
  • geld The geld stallion was unable to reproduce since he had been castrated.
  • gelded I was gelded when I was six months old.
  • gelid The water in the lake was gelid and was causing the surrounding trees to frost over.
  • gelled I can't believe she ate the whole thing; she must have been gelled!
  • gild They decided to gild the edges of the picture frame to add an elegant touch.
  • Gilead The small town of Gilead is located in the northwestern part of the state.
  • glad I am glad you were able to make it.
  • glued
  • gold She wore a beautiful necklace made of solid gold.
  • Gulled The gulled victim offered no resistance as the suspect took her phone and ran away.
  • jelled The hot apple cider jelled quickly in the cold weather.
  • keeled The ship's captain ensured that the vessel remained properly keeled during the storm.

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