Correct spelling for GENERALP

We think the word generalp is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for generalp

  • Generality(Definition of generality)
  • It admits of a greater variety of style; it more readily engages the generality of readers, as partaking more of the air of conversation; and, especially with the assistance of rhyme, leads to a closer and more concise expression.

  • Generalize(Definition of generalize)
  • When you are here and he understands really what you want, he can answer you for everything that concerns the center of france, and the general geology of the planet, if there is any opportunity to generalize.

  • General(Definition of general)
  • "your uncle's will doesn't seem to have given general satisfaction," he said.

  • Generalship(Definition of generalship)
  • Wealth, arms, civilization, scientific generalship, had all been on the side of the great republic of the north, and there had been no doubt, from the beginning, as to what the result must be.

  • Genera(Definition of Genera)
  • I now know one hundred and four species of fossil fish from the old red, belonging to forty-four genera, comprised under seven families, between several of which there is but little analogy as to organization.

  • Generally(Definition of generally)
  • For one thing he was better dressed than old men in brookville generally were.

  • Generals
  • When the news of its successful issue reached this part of the country, it served to show the simple and honest patriotism of one of the more unfortunate of the union generals.

291 words made from the letters generalp

5 letter words made from generalp:

glane, anrep, palen, neger, regna, erlan, green, pearl, paeng, anger, galen, plena, pager, elarg, glera, perga, prang, eapen, pagne, genea, egler, repla, garel, enger, regal, agnel, gener, plage, agren, genal, gnarl, lagen, ernle, learn, neral, perna, arpel, peran, reang, grean, pearn, penge, negar, lenga, argel, rapee, negre, angle, nepal, renga, erlen, glare, laner, paner, larne, lanre, paree, lerna, egrep, lener, agere, egner, agler, areel, angel, pange, ergen, perea, parge, leper, gelan, egale, grape, rapel, pegar, perge, lrene, paler, gelre, nepga, angre, ragle, gerea, gapen, alere, negra, greel, regla, renge, pagel, lager, lenge, gerne, prela, agnle, eagle, reale, pagle, aglee, grael, preen, eagel, peaer, ergle, leear, glean, elgar, eager, anele, perng, genre, ragel, eagre, alper, leepa, pelea, nerpa, ranee, panel, legen, penal, gerle, large, ngael, agree, plane, repel, legan, epler, aegre, alger, range, naree, peare, ragen, geral, leape, galer, elang, renal, leger, argle, agene, peral, lange, aneel, agner, palgn, repeg, peeng, ragee, leage, naper, nager, leare.

3 letter words made from generalp:

eel, apr, eeg, rep, nlp, pee, enl, age, nag, pea, gap, par, gee, lpn, erg, gnp, ear, lag, pen, per, rna, gel, ler, ane, lan, ene, pre, pel, peg, era, nap, pan, nee, ale, epa, pal, gal, ape, gen, alp, lap, lea, leg, are, rag, ern, rap, gar, arp, lee.

4 letter words made from generalp: