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How to spell GLIDDER correctly?

"Glidder" could potentially be a misspelling of "glider", "glitter" or "gladder". A possible correct suggestion would depend on the context in which it was used. If it's in reference to a flying object, "glider" would likely be the intended word. If it's in reference to sparkly decorations, "glitter" would be appropriate. If it's in reference to a feeling of happiness, "gladder" would be the correct choice

List of suggestions on how to spell glidder correctly

  • giddier I felt giddier and giddier as I spun in circles on the merry-go-round.
  • gilder The gilder carefully applied the thin layer of gold leaf onto the picture frame.
  • Gladder
  • glide The bird will glide smoothly through the air.
  • Glided The ballerina glided across the stage with grace and ease.
  • glider She spent the afternoon learning to maneuver the glider over the hills and valleys of the countryside.
  • gliders The gliders sailed smoothly through the air as they caught the wind currents.
  • glitter The dress was covered in glitter, making her sparkle on the dance floor.
  • guilder The Netherlands used the guilder as their currency before switching to the euro.

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