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How to spell GOODT correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "goodt", there are several possible correct suggestions. It could be an intended contraction of "good to", so correcting it to "good to" can clarify the intended meaning. Alternatively, it could be a typographical error for "good", which should be the appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell goodt correctly

  • coot
  • geode I found a beautiful geode while hiking in the mountains this weekend.
  • goad The bullfighter used a red cape to goad the bull into charging.
  • goat She went out to the shed to get the goat, but when she got there, the goat was gone.
  • god
  • GODS I am grateful for the many gods that I have.
  • gold She wore a beautiful dress that was accentuated with gold embellishments.
  • good I heard that the movie we're watching tonight is really good.
  • goodly She received a goodly amount of praise for her hard work.
  • goods The local supermarket sells fresh and high-quality goods.
  • goody I always save the goody bags from birthday parties for my kids to open later.
  • Got I got a new pair of sneakers this weekend.
  • gouda I bought some gouda cheese at the grocery store yesterday.
  • gout I always get gout when I drink red wine.
  • GOVT The role of GOVT is to ensure public safety and provide basic amenities to citizens, such as access to clean water and affordable healthcare.
  • toot The child laughed every time she heard the sound of the train's toot.

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