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How to spell GRAAS correctly?

If you find yourself mistyping "graas", here are some possible correct suggestions. It could be "grass", referring to the green plants found in lawns. Another option could be "gross", which means disgusting or unpleasant. Lastly, "grabs" is an alternative, meaning to take or seize something quickly.

List of suggestions on how to spell graas correctly

  • crass My aunt is crass beyond belief.
  • GALAS The celebrant was shouted down by protesters with chants of "GALAS!
  • GARS The gars in the aquarium were fascinating to watch as they swam gracefully through the water.
  • gas Since the leak, the town has been plagued by gas fumes.
  • Gays Gays have the right to love and marry whoever they want.
  • grabs He quickly grabs his backpack and runs out the door.
  • grace The grace of God was in the air.
  • graces
  • grades I need to get my grades before school begins.
  • GRADS My alma mater, Harvard, has the best GRADS in the country.
  • Grains I have a bag of grains to put in my soup.
  • grams I need to take my grams and carbohydrates religiously.
  • Grapes
  • graphs The graphs show a clear correlation between temperature and ice cream sales.
  • grasp
  • grass The grass was wet with dew.
  • grassy The picnic area was covered in a lush, grassy field.
  • grates The sound of the metal grates on the old bridge made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
  • gratis
  • graves The graves in the cemetery were all decorated with flowers for Memorial Day.
  • gray I'm going to wear my gray shirt.
  • GRAYS Grays looked out of the large window and saw the stars.
  • graze
  • grazes The horse usually just grazes on the grass in the field.
  • grease Please grease the hinges on the door so that they do not make any noise while opening and closing.
  • greasy The pizza was so greasy that it left an oily stain on the paper plate.
  • greats
  • Greys The greys of the storm clouds above signaled coming rain.
  • gris
  • groans My stomach makes loud, disapproving groans when I eat anymore.
  • groats The farmer brought in a bushel of groats.
  • gross I have a gross feeling in my stomach.
  • grows The plant grows taller and taller every day.
  • grus
  • kraals Some of the animals in the kraals were Lions, Elephants and Wild Dogs.
  • ragas She likes to listen to ragas on her headphones.
  • rags She had no choice but to wear rags because she could not afford anything else.
  • RAYS The sun's rays illuminated the beach as the waves crashed against the shore.

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