Correct spelling for GRASED

We think the word grased is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for grased

  • crazed On 'Lena's mind a terrible conviction was fastening itself-Anna was crazed.
  • creased But the argument was still unsettled, the tablecloth between them scored and creased with conflicting sketches.
  • graded Around this rises the graded succession of stone benches for the people; then numbered seats for the connoisseurs; and above a row of boxes extending around the circle.
  • grayed She seemed to see nothing, to be aware of nothing but her mother's heroic eyes of truth; but the whole scene was printed on her mind for all her life-the hard, brown road they stood on, the grayed old rail-fence back of Mrs. Marshall, a field of brown stubble, a distant grove of beech-trees, and beyond and around them the immense sweeping circle of the horizon.
  • grazed These were the stables and outhouses, and they formed one of the walls of the garden that lay behind, sheltered on the north side by a thin curtain of beeches, filled every evening with noisy rooks; and, coming round to the front of the house, the girls lingered beneath the chestnut-trees, and in the rosary, where a little fountain played when visitors were present, and then stood leaning over the wooden paling that defended the pleasure-ground from the cows that grazed in the generous expanse of grass extending up to the trees of the Lawler domain.
  • greased Almost immediately the great timbers, which, polished and greased, had been waiting for several days, were put in their places, and the great steam engines and windlasses, which had been ready as long a time, were set in motion.
  • Erased And here the word "beautiful" need not to be erased; it was the very word that sprang naturally from the heart to the lips of every one when they met Maximus Grant.
  • Graced A youth was there, of quiet ways, A Student of old books and days, To whom all tongues and lands were known And yet a lover of his own; With many a social virtue graced, And yet a friend of solitude; A man of such a genial mood The heart of all things he embraced, And yet of such fastidious taste, He never found the best too good.
  • Grassed Starting with Eulah this morning, he travelled down the creek on which the cattle were camped for six miles west, when he reached some large marine plains and downs, so large, that though they ascended a high tree they could see nothing between them and the horizon; they were grassed only with spinifex "and other rubbish."
  • Grated 79. Grated cocoanut, chopped nuts, sugar, and lemon-juice.
  • grasped The Frenchman grasped a handful and dropped them, as though, like a child, he loved to hear the chink the pieces made as they fell.
  • groused ” Around the same time University of Southern California assistant coach Marv Goux, surveying the alarming growth of his charges’ hair, groused: “The bums eat the food our society produces, they wear the clothes our society produces and now they want to destroy our society.
  • grossed Cast Away opened in 2,774 theaters in North America and grossed $28,883,406 with an average of $10,412 per theater on its opening weekend.
  • graved The little green lizard on Solomon's wall Heard what the King said to one alone, Secrets that only the Djinns may recall, Graved on the Sacred, Ineffable Stone.

85 words made from the letters grased

3 letter words made from grased:

era, gar, ade, res, are, sad, des, rag, das, sea, sag, gsr, gad, rad, age, ras, red, esr, ear, dre, gas, erg, dag.

5 letter words made from grased:

desra, arges, drage, sader, regas, agers, dargs, ragde, sared, serag, dears, sarde, dearg, gears, reads, dager, dares, agder, gesar, deras, degar, geras, serga, edgar, degas, darse, greda, gerad, grade, dregs, gades, asger, gader, darge, sager, radge, adger, arsed, drags.

4 letter words made from grased:

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