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How to spell GRASES correctly?

If you've mistakenly used the misspelling "grases", fret not. The correct suggestions for this word could be "grasses" or "glasses". "Grasses" refers to the plants, while "glasses" refers to eyewear. Simply choose the appropriate spelling based on the context to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell grases correctly

  • crazes The latest diet crazes are always changing.
  • creases She wrinkled her nose in distaste at the creases in his khakis.
  • Crises The company faced several crises during the economic recession.
  • cruses
  • erases She carefully erases the pencil marks on her paper before starting again.
  • Gases
  • graces Her impeccable manners and elegance were enhanced by her innate graces.
  • grades She received excellent grades on her final exams.
  • Grapes I love snacking on grapes while I work!
  • Grasps
  • grass The grass was wet with dew as I walked through the park.
  • Grasses The grazing cows love to eat the lush green grasses in the meadow.
  • grates The sound of the metal grates scraping against the pavement made my hair stand on end.
  • graves The cemetery was filled with rows of graves, each marked with a stone slab.
  • grazers The grazers were the first animals to feed on the newly formed plants.
  • grazes The cow grazes on the meadow.
  • greasers In the 1950s, greasers were a subculture of young men who dressed in leather jackets and styled their hair with pomade.
  • greases My dad always greases the hinges of our doors to make sure they don't squeak.
  • grosses I found this disgusting grosses picture on the internet.

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