Correct spelling for GREAF

We think the word greaf is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for greaf

  • Gram(Definition of gram)
  • 229; b. f. fisk's greek gram..

  • Grad(Definition of grad)
  • East cay fish cays five cays fort george cay french cay gibb cay grad caicos grand turk highas cay hog cay iguana cay joe grants cay little ambergris cay little water cay long cay major hill cay mangrove cay middle caicos middle creek cay middleton cay north caicos parrot cay pear cay pelican cay penniston cay pine cay plandon cay providenciales sail rock island salt cay sand cay seal cays shot cay six hill cays south caicos stubb cay the island three mary cays water cay west caicos west sand spit island white cay

  • Raf
  • Pref
  • Gruff(Definition of gruff)
  • Grey(Definition of grey)
  • Grease(Definition of grease)
  • There were rents in two places and plentiful sprinklings of grease spots.

  • Greet(Definition of greet)
  • Now we'll go and greet my brother."

  • Great(Definition of great)
  • "you'll do, hanlon, by the great ...

  • Grieve(Definition of grieve)
  • Groat(Definition of groat)
  • Grab(Definition of grab)
  • And then i can go over to my neighbor's and grab away any loose property i can find of his?

  • Xref
  • Greys
  • Graph(Definition of graph)
  • A minimal feedback arc set (one that can not be reduced in size by removing any edges) has the additional property that, if the edges in it are reversed rather than removed, then the graph remains acyclic.

  • Gravy(Definition of gravy)
  • Joe paused in the mixing of gravy and corn-bread-designed to be conveyed to his mouth on the blade of his knife-and lifted inquiring eyes to his mother's troubled face.

  • Gregg
  • We'll all meet here, gregg-say about the zero hour.

  • Graft(Definition of graft)
  • Without attempting to describe these varieties, but to give some idea of their merits and defects and of the soils most suited to each, the following indications are given, based principally on the opinions of l. ravaz and prosper gervais, and on a still limited experience in california: the rupestris st. george is remarkably vigorous and grows very large, supporting the graft well even without stakes.

  • Greasy(Definition of greasy)
  • If you fear it will be too greasy, take off a cupful of the fat before you boil.

  • Grew(Definition of Grew)
  • Gray(Definition of gray)
  • "it is gray then.

  • Cream(Definition of cream)
  • All the really interesting things in the house seemed to have risen to the top, like cream on milk.

  • Greer
  • Even in thought father greer observed a studied mildness and moderation, and there were contingencies which might remain unformulated until they crystallised into certainty.

  • Grep
  • Greta
  • Grave(Definition of grave)
  • Polybus in his grave?

  • Greek(Definition of greek)
  • I suppose you don't know any greek?"

  • Groan(Definition of groan)
  • Grove(Definition of grove)
  • Greg
  • Now dave rattled out the dishes, as soon as greg and hazy had set up the folding table.

  • Greed(Definition of greed)
  • Now might we expect new assaults, planned with their two failures in mind, and bringing to bear new plans and schemes and all their beastly hate and greed.

  • Green(Definition of green)
  • "i have," declared jumper, who, as you know, lives in the green forest just as lightfoot does.

  • Reef(Definition of reef)
  • Grebe(Definition of grebe)
  • The lake positively swarmed with water-fowl, including several varieties of duck, also shag, divers, pigmy geese, small teal, grebe, red-headed plover, spur-wing plover, curlew, sandpipers, snipe, swamp hen, water-rail, and many other birds.

  • Ref
  • Grief(Definition of grief)
  • Creak(Definition of creak)
  • My boots still creak softly when i step, and you know what that means.

  • Gran
  • "well, let bill do it, gran," said george with an oath, as he flung down the cards, and they were picked up and shuffled, and cut again and again; the old woman shook her head solemnly.

27 words made from the letters greaf

3 letter words made from greaf:

are, far, rag, raf, gar, ear, ref, erg, fag, age, era, frg.

5 letter words made from greaf:

graef, frage, farge, grafe, fager.

4 letter words made from greaf: