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How to spell GROUGHT correctly?

If you've ever mistyped "grought" instead of "drought", worry not! Here are some accurate alternatives to help you communicate effectively. Correct suggestions include "drought", "dry spell", "water shortage" or "lack of rainfall". Remember, a small slip in spelling doesn't have to sabotage your message!

List of suggestions on how to spell grought correctly

  • Brought
  • drought The farmers were worried about the drought and the impact it would have on their crops.
  • fraught The negotiations between the two countries were fraught with tension and disagreement.
  • grouch My boss is always a grouch when he doesn't get his morning coffee.
  • grouchy I don't want to talk to him when he's grouchy.
  • grout The bathroom tiles were expertly laid and every seam meticulously filled with grout.
  • wrought The blacksmith had wrought the iron into a beautiful and intricate design.

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