How to spell GUINIE correctly?

If you've typed "guinie" instead of "guinea", fear not! Auto correct can be quite helpful. It usually offers suggestions like "guinea", "guile" or "guide". Simply select the correct word to avoid any confusion. Remember, technology is here to save the day, even when spelling goes awry!

List of suggestions on how to spell guinie correctly

  • Genie The genie granted the wish of the young boy.
  • guanine Guanine is a nitrogenous base that pairs with cytosine.
  • guide The tour guide led us through the maze of narrow alleyways.
  • guile The actress had a well-practiced guile when she feigned a broken heart.
  • guinea My friend's pet guinea pig loves to run around in its cage.
  • guise She arrived under the guise of friendship but really had a hidden agenda.
  • gunge She got gunge all over her dress.
  • quince Yesterday I picked up a quince from the farmer's market.
  • quine The quine was Undead.
  • quinine The chemical quinine prevents malaria.

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