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How to spell HABETS correctly?

The misspelling "habets" could potentially be corrected to "habits", a word commonly used to refer to one's routine or daily behaviors. Alternatively, it could be corrected to "habitus", a term used in the medical field to describe physical characteristics of a patient or individual.

List of suggestions on how to spell habets correctly

  • abets He abets his best friend's risky behavior by not discouraging him.
  • abuts
  • Bets I placed my bets on the winning horse, but in the end, it lost the race.
  • habit After going for a run every day, it has become a habit for me.
  • Habits Good habits lead to a healthier lifestyle.
  • habitus
  • hades
  • hafts The hafts on the axe blade were very sharp.
  • halts The sudden rain halts the outdoor event.
  • HARTS The harts were grazing in the meadow as we walked past.
  • haters
  • Hates He hates it when people talk with their mouths full.
  • hats I have a collection of hats for different occasions.
  • rabbets The carpenter used rabbets to join the two pieces of wood together.

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