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How to spell HAMILY correctly?

If "hamily" is a misspelling of "family", some possible correct suggestions could be "family", "famille" (in French) or "familie" (in German and Dutch). It is important to double-check spellings before submitting written work to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell hamily correctly

  • Emily
  • Family My family and I are going on vacation next week to celebrate my parents' anniversary.
  • gamely Despite the pain in her ankle, she gamely continued to walk towards the finish line.
  • hail The hail storm left dents on our car.
  • Hamill
  • hammy The actor gave a hammy performance in the school play.
  • haply I think I'll haply be able to finish up my homework by tonight.
  • happily She walked happily down the street, enjoying the warm sun on her skin.
  • Hardily Hardily, I leapt over the fallen tree.
  • hardly I hardly slept last night because of the loud noises outside.
  • hazily I am hazily remembering the party.
  • Headily I was feeling headily intoxicated after the party.
  • heavily I heavily dislike the movie.
  • homely Despite her plain appearance, her homely demeanor and warm smile made her instantly likable.
  • homily The priest's homily during the Easter Sunday mass was both inspiring and enlightening.
  • hominy I have a can of hominy for dinner tonight.
  • humbly I humbly apologize for making such a mess.
  • humidly As the days grew hotter, the air hung more humidly around us making it difficult to breathe.
  • lamely She uttered a lamely attempted joke.
  • namely I only have three favorite foods, namely pizza, sushi, and ice cream.
  • tamely The cat wandered tamely around the house, not causing any trouble.
  • tamil Tamil is an official language in Sri Lanka and Singapore.

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