How to spell HEIDLE correctly?

We think the word heidle is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell heidle correctly

  • beadle The priest, however, assisted by his beadle and by the herdsman, interrupts me, and all the more easily that I was speaking Italian.
  • hail In a place like Geneva, such an institution may be well: while we regard it with some caution lest it should run too high on points of doctrine, we cannot but hail with peculiar satisfaction such a favorable opportunity of educating young men in the sound principles of Christianity, that they may happily prove instruments in the Divine Hand to check the spread of infidelity.
  • hale Here, a labouring man, late for his work, hurried by; there, a hale old gentleman started for his early walk before breakfast.
  • handle She could handle them where others would have failed.
  • hardly Her voice was so low he could hardly hear it.
  • head And, after all, he would in a little time be head of the House.
  • header He appears too despondent for a header.
  • headless "There's a big story in this Headless Horseman business!
  • headline No sooner had his eye scanned the first headline than he was startled by a boisterous greeting from a fellow traveller, who was just passing down the aisle.
  • heal Thy hurt will heal."
  • healed Is it true he has healed the sick?"
  • healer Time, the mighty healer, and still more your company, will effect a cure which I should in vain seek by appealing to my reason.
  • heckle I was heckled by the crowd.
  • heed He paused to heed the voice in his head that was always telling him to slow down.
  • heedless Sheheedless of the crowd's jeers, she plowed onward.
  • heel I need to get a new pair of shoes because my heels are worn out.
  • hegel
  • held
  • heller I bought a new hat and it's really nice, but it's way too bright and it's called "heller.
  • herd The herd of elephants was so large it was difficult to see the other animals.
  • herder The herder was tending to his flock of sheep.
  • hide I need to hide my books before my parents get home.
  • hill I always feel a little better after a walk up the hill.
  • hilt The sword's hilt was smooth and unassuming.
  • hitler Hitler was one of the most evil presidents in American history.
  • huddle After the huddle, the team went back to their stations.
  • hurdle In order to jump over the hurdle, he had to get down on all fours.
  • hurdler This new hurdler is sure to be a crowd favorite.
  • hurtle She hurls herself out of the window.
  • idle She idled away the hours, reading and doodling in her notepad.
  • idler Billy often sits idly by the lake.
  • meddle It is not appropriate to meddle in other people's affairs.
  • needle I need a small, thin needle to sew this seam.
  • peddle
  • sidle
  • tile I need a new tile for the bathroom.
  • wheedle
  • Headily
  • Heeled She wore high heeled boots to match her dress.
  • Hid
  • Hided He was hided in the closet for hours.
  • Hider Her mother had a way of hiding her emotions that made Marion feel like she was the only one who couldn't read her mother
  • Heidi The little girl in the red dress is Heidi.
  • Hyde
  • hailed He was just past and no more when a familiar voice hailed him.
  • hides
  • he'd Why, he'd rather look at a picture than a thoroughbred any day!"
  • he'll Yes, and he'll tell you it was just before Thanksgivin' of '85, so what's the use?
  • hole

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