Correct spelling for HEIGHER

We think the word heigher is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for heigher

  • beige Type What is What does it How is it called? look like? it used? ---------------------------------- Cocaine Coke White crystalline Inhaled Snow powder, often through Flake diluted with nasal White other ingredients passages Blow Injected Nose Candy Smoked Big C Snowbirds Lady ---------------------------------- Crack or Crack Light brown or Smoked cocaine Freebase rocks beige pellets-or Rock crystalline rocks that resemble coagulated soap; often packaged in small vials ----------------------------------
  • chigger It is a host and carrier of various parasites, including at least one species that regularly attacks humans-the common chigger.
  • eager It was all an offence to Tonelli's morbid soul, already irritated by his friend's obtuseness, and eager to turn even the reluctance of nature into insult.
  • geiger The more recent works of Gesenius, De Wette, Zunz, Ewald, Hitzig, Geiger and Herzfeld have contributed to form a juster opinion of the true position which the books of the Bible occupy.
  • hanger "Take this one," said the clerk, handing the paper-hanger-detective a glittering revolver.
  • headgear Isabel walked into them, and while they kissed, her father's straw hat slipped back over her shoulders, and she laughed and never missed the fluffy headgear lying in her room upstairs, waiting for Poole's Woods.
  • heather Creehope Linn divides, as I have already described, a sandstone rock, over which there lies a deep layer of moss, surmounted by close and tall heather-at least this was the case formerly, and may be so still.
  • hedge The piece of hedge near me has pink flowers, and behind it you see a little lapis-lazuli sky.
  • hedged It was the approach alone that interested him; and when he had puzzled out that there were only two practicable courses for the Sybarite to take-both bearing in a general north-westerly direction from Nantucket Shoals Light Vessel, one entering Block Island Sound from the east, between Point Judith and Block Island, the other entering the same body of water from the south, between Block Island and Montauk Point-and had satisfied himself that manifold perils to navigation hedged about both courses, more especially their prolongation into Long Island Sound by way of The Race: Lanyard told himself it would be strange indeed if his plans miscarried ...
  • hedger Hedger, as often as not, was hunched up in an old striped blanket coat, with a shapeless felt hat pulled over his bushy hair, wearing black shoes that had become grey, or brown ones that had become black, and he never put on gloves unless the day was biting cold.
  • hegel But Hegel and the Romanticists alike are truly expressed in Emerson's belief that the spiritual interpretation of nature is the "true science."
  • heidegger The first thing to do was to secure new singers, and for this purpose Handel went to Italy, probably in the autumn of 1728. Heidegger had already tried to bring back Senesino and the two "costly canary-birds," as Colley Cibber called them, but they had had enough of London, and probably of Handel too.
  • heifer 74. These words were winged with his swift delight: 'You heifer-stealing schemer, well do you 580 Deserve that fifty oxen should requite Such minstrelsies as I have heard even now.
  • height Height above the sea, 819 feet.
  • heir I ask you as a man, as an artist in your profession, could I see my son-my heir-a gentleman who I hope some day will make a brilliant match-a young man who is going at once into the best of society-could I now, Mr Ping, see that youth in a suit of clothes made by Crowder and Son?
  • hewer This night W. Hewer brought me home from Mr. Pim's my velvet coat and cap, the first that ever I had.
  • high He was only a young gringo, from nobody knew where, and she was a Mexican lady of high rank, who hated Americans of all sorts.
  • higher She would aim for the Hadleigh rides, and, going on beyond Kibworth Rocks to the higher ground, get a view of the new buildings.
  • hiker The Potomac starts as a multitude of diverse trickles and oozes in the high green places of Appalachia, where spruce forests and berry meadows and bogs know the tread of bear and deer, beaver and bobcat, hunter and hiker and logger.
  • hither At that moment Louise entered, and the Marchioness continued-"St. Ursule, my child, come hither.
  • hughes "I see it all," cried Hughes, "I see the mistake I made.
  • hunger It was all very like the months he put in at Bellevue in the long ago, before he had experienced the hunger-cancer and compromised with honesty.
  • leger Having once got clear of the fort and its vicinity, as we believed to be the fact, the only thing which might prove the undoing of the venture was that the general had gone to some other section of the country, and they would not succeed in finding him until St. Leger had accomplished his purpose.
  • nigher Birdalone cried aloud with joy, and hastened toward the semblance, but came to it no nigher, and still she went, and the semblance still escaped her, and she followed on and on; and this lasted long, and faster and faster must she follow lest it vanish, and she gathered her skirts into her girdle, and fell to running fleet-foot after the fleeing shadow, which she loved dearly even amidst the jaws of death; and all her fleetness of foot had Birdalone to put forth in following up the chase; but even to die in the pain would she not miss that dear shadow.
  • tiger And Tiger Waldron obeyed.
  • Hider Of course it is better for the players to actually hide with the first hider, if practicable, which probably suggested, on occasion, being "packed in like sardines."
  • Hagar Then Burke informed him that he wished him to lay to in order that he might send a boat on board; that he had very important orders to Captain Hagar from his owners, and that he had followed him from Jamaica in order to deliver them.
  • Heine When, in future days, some of the company looked back upon that evening, its festivities must have seemed to them as one of the jests of him whom Heine called the Aristophanes of Heaven.
  • Hodge The main streets were a hodge-podge of rural-looking shops.
  • Hague Baron Hague came to make his adieux.
  • huger Hotchkiss, Major J., C.S.A. Howard, General, O. O., U.S.A. Huger, General, C.S.A. Humphreys, General, U.S.A. Hundley's Corner, Virginia, engagement at.
  • highs They won from both East and West Highs during that month, and tied Keyport when that team came to the Hill to play them.
  • hedges For this purpose, all public roads ought to be sixty feet wide; all trees and hedges within thirty feet of the centre, be under the controul of the commissioners, with full liberty of drawing off the water in what manner they judge necessary.
  • hitcher "All right, feyther," cried Jack just then; and as we scrambled out from beneath the tent I found it was grey dawn, that a heavy mist hung over the river, and that Jack's father had been poking at the tarpaulin with the end of a hitcher, the long iron-shod pole used in navigating the barge.

39 words made from the letters heigher

3 letter words made from heigher:

erg, gee, eeg, ige, ire, hie, rig.

4 letter words made from heigher:

greh, egri, rehg, here, hege, ghee, reeg, rege, eire, rhee, grih, gehe, erei, heir, rehe, erie, hire, high, gher, eier, ehre, gihe.

5 letter words made from heigher:

hiree, hehir, ehrig, heier, heger, herge, eiger, riege, geier, heihe.

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