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How to spell HELPOS correctly?

If you meant to write "helpos" but want to correct it, here are a few possible suggestions. You could replace it with "helps", which is the correct spelling and makes more sense in most contexts. Alternatively, "heroes" or "hello" could be suitable replacements depending on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell helpos correctly

  • Halos The angels had halos floating above their heads.
  • heaps
  • helios As Helios rose in the sky, the world was bathed in a warm golden light.
  • hellos I heard several hellos from my coworkers as I walked into the office this morning.
  • HELMS The captain helms the ship during the storm to steer it to safety.
  • help
  • helper The teacher asked for a student helper to pass out the papers.
  • helpers The volunteers were all enthusiastic helpers at the community event.
  • helps Studying early in the day helps me retain information better.
  • herpes Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that affects millions of people worldwide.
  • hippos The hippos at the zoo were amusing to watch as they lazily floated around their pond.
  • HYPOS Hypos are a potential side effect of diabetes medication.
  • Phelps Michael Phelps won a record-breaking 28 Olympic medals in swimming.
  • whelps The dog gave birth to a litter of seven whelps last night.
  • yelps My dog yelps when I accidentally step on his tail.

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