What is the correct spelling for HOALISTIC?

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Correct spelling for HOALISTIC

We think the word hoalistic is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for hoalistic

  • ballistic The ballistic test is the important one, and is made by taking one plate of a group and subjecting it to the fire of a suitable gun. The other tests are simply to insure, as far as practicable, that all the other plates of the group are similar to and are capable of standing as severe a ballistic test as the test plate.
  • elastic Then came the vision of their two selves, herself and her friend, in their happy, happy holiday summer at Cousin Wealthy Bond's; the gradual recovery, the roses coming in the pale cheeks, the step, growing ever firmer, more elastic.
  • hellenistic Almost all the writers of the Hellenistic Age agree in regarding the Sun, Moon, and Stars as gods.
  • heuristic A heuristic (but very helpful) interpretation of the stochastic differential equation is that in a small time interval of length δ the stochastic process Xt changes its value by an amount that is normally distributed with expectation μ(Xt, t) δ and variance σ(Xt, t)² δ and is independent of the past behavior of the process.
  • holistic To address this, they developed a new holistic approach to Buddhism.
  • holstein Bernadotte had scarcely quitted Hamburg for Sweden when the Duke of Holstein-Augustenburg arrived.
  • holster Then he examined his holster, and, moving his horse to a position which gave him a better command of the road, sat quietly waiting.
  • nihilistic He is too negative, too nihilistic, and his quest of Buddhahood will end in a lamentable failure.
  • plastic His eyes, like hers, were fixed on the thronging streets, but, unlike hers, they reflected the restless animation, the pathetic hunger, which made each of those passing faces appear to be the plastic medium of an insatiable craving for life.
  • realistic Later on he had given the prisoner a vivid and realistic description of the way in which men are hanged, but Neal had made no sign of hearing a word that was said to him, so the occupation grew uninteresting.
  • holiest One purpose now lay clearly and vividly before him, one which to so loyal and devoted a nature as his was the holiest duty, and that was vengeance on his father's murderers.

467 words made from the letters hoalistic

4 letter words made from hoalistic:

clio, cali, silt, loch, toch, thai, olah, cash, coal, slot, tosh, laic, itoi, aoli, thoi, cola, alto, losi, sail, hilo, icao, sita, halo, ilah, cast, loth, shit, itoh, loht, lota, loti, colt, scat, cosh, soha, ocal, salo, siah, asch, tail, tcsh, slah, alho, coil, taho, ochs, siha, scot, shot, stih, hail, salt, oita, acts, alii, choi, lash, iota, toal, holi, coat, alih, chao, octa, halt, tach, ilha, hoai, otic, osha, lots, list, chat, asio, hioi, olic, slit, chit, otis, stoh, shia, hito, hats, oath, cots, salh, ohai, ciao, thol, slat, tihl, acth, olai, lost, last, acht, hilt, talc, lath, lats, liao, cahl, laos, oths, toil, cats, ical, thio, taos, shio, chii, tcha, clit, silo, olst, itch, cost, clot, also, sahi, oast, solh, taco, sihl, hoti, host, toci, icsh, siai, athi, ilio, hits, soil, olha, sial, tiao, tihs.

5 letter words made from hoalistic:

laios, scalo, athoc, talco, litas, halts, sotha, sochi, alito, athis, tochi, lisch, islah, solih, ilich, ascot, sicht, coats, haiti, tachi, sthal, lotas, slahi, liths, socha, taiho, casto, scoil, ilhas, sacoi, sloht, ilish, stili, coits, clats, tilos, lishi, atish, iaith, chalo, schio, tasho, iltis, stohl, coths, clits, stila, talsi, ticha, oishi, iliac, tolas, ohias, ascii, thiol, sitha, litai, hasti, solca, lotah, chiti, saito, otash, stoic, loast, hasli, chiat, ictal, ochil, lathi, hiois, tisch, calot, salto, thals, hisao, losch, caito, solta, hsiao, hatlo, lotic, hactl, osita, sathi, alcis, solti, salit, shota, lihai, chaos, stach, tholi, tclsh, alost, lacto, holta, laiho, cloth, hotai, tsali, satoh, chota, iscol, hilti, lohia, halit, shili, stoch, actio, isola, stoai, toica, tosch, laith, saili, catli, tsahi, tails, catos, shita, clios, ithil, choat, taosi, loach, clast, halic, itals, shati, tohil, latoc, shito, shoat, chato, tahli, shaco, listo, talcs, schal, iotas, silot, shoal, asilo, casio, loath, chola, shali, satch, sotah, shaol, aliis, lochs, choti, shiai, hilsa, slota, lisco, itics, stiil, tacho, aholt, sohal, actos, hilts, sitia, coils, salii, alist, loihi, coatl, tisci, choli, oichi, sahti, aioli, thial, stahl, chilo, toshi, thali, silat, ticao, hails, talic, lahti, sliti, oslac, tihic, tcisa, laois, tocai, tolai, aclos, latio, catho, ashco, toils, chili, chits, ashti, licht, sitio, aisch, tilia, scail, colha, coast, sital, ilahi, tasci, tical, chait, cahot, thoas, ishta, sithi, hoist, ictsi, stoia, coati, alcos, chiao, altis, sicha, sahli, chali, holst, stihl, clots, cotai, holic, chito, aliso, halis, chail, chios, lhota, litsa, sloth, latch, solia, ashot, litha, coila, hiils, licit, socii, lichi, schat, otaci, clash, octal, octas, liath, tasch, hotic, lachi, chats, thaci, hoast, scali, clito, costa, cihat, silao, sitch, cothi, locha, salio, hosta, athos, aoshi, lasch, solah, laich, aichi.

3 letter words made from hoalistic:

otc, asl, lac, als, thc, oas, oca, iso, ola, tai, lat, hat, act, oct, cos, sac, oil, hao, sha, ash, lii, col, cia, lit, tao, ilo, sot, ail, soh, chi, sic, sit, oat, lao, sth, hot, tho, cat, cio, sat, tsh, cot, tic, tia, cis, lah, lot, tlc, alt, ali, cli, cst, sol.

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