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How to spell HOCKY correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "hocky", fear not! The correct spelling is "hockey". Common misspellings may include "hocky" or "hoky", but "hockey" is the accurate version. Double-check your spelling to ensure you're using the right term for this beloved sport.

List of suggestions on how to spell hocky correctly

  • hack I learned how to hack my tablet to customize its features.
  • heck
  • hick
  • hickey I don't think it's appropriate to show up to a job interview with a visible hickey on your neck.
  • hock I sprained my ankle and was advised to wear a hock brace.
  • hockey
  • Hocks The butcher carefully trimmed the hocks off the pig before preparing it for sale.
  • hoick I had to hoick my bag over my shoulder to make it to the station on time.
  • hokey She found the Jester's jester mask to be quite hokey.
  • honky There's nothing redneck about a honky.
  • hook
  • hooke
  • hooky I used to play hooky from school on Fridays.
  • huck
  • rocky I have a rocky path to travel.

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