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How to spell HOMALIZED correctly?

If you accidentally type "homalized" instead of the correct word, here are a few suggestions that may replace it. Depending on the context, possible alternatives can be "homogenized", "motorized" or "harmonized". Taking care to proofread your work can also help to prevent misspellings like this in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell homalized correctly

  • focalized He walked through the maze, his mind completely focalized on the task at hand.
  • formalized The company formalized their dress code policy last week.
  • humanized The robot was designed to be humanized with facial expressions and natural language processing to interact with humans.
  • localized The company's marketing strategy is localized to appeal to the specific demographic of each region.
  • moralized The teacher moralized to the students about the importance of treating others with respect.
  • nodalized The computer program was nodalized to simulate the reaction rates of the nuclear reactor core.
  • nomadized The tribe nomadized across the desert for months searching for water and food.
  • normalized The data was normalized to account for differences in population size.
  • opalized The opalized fossils discovered in the area are believed to be millions of years old.
  • romanized The Korean language has been romanized to make it more accessible for non-Korean speakers.
  • somatized She has been experiencing severe headaches and stomach pain which has somatized her anxiety.
  • totalized The accountant totalized all the expenses for the year.
  • vocalized He vocalized his support for the new policy during the meeting.
  • womanized He was known for his womanizing ways and was rumored to have womanized hundreds of women in his lifetime.

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