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How to spell HUMINLIKE correctly?

If you encountered the misspelling "huminlike", there are a few possible correct suggestions to consider. One option could be "humanlike", to describe something that resembles or imitates human qualities. Another alternative could be "hominid", referring to a member of the biological family that includes humans and their closest evolutionary relatives.

List of suggestions on how to spell huminlike correctly

  • hairlike The spider's legs had long, hairlike bristles that helped it navigate through its intricate web.
  • homelike The warm colors and comfortable furniture in the living room made it feel homelike.
  • hominine The study of hominine fossils has provided important insights into human evolution.
  • hornlike As she touched the horse's hornlike appendage, she marveled at its smoothness and strength.
  • humanize As a writer, my goal is to humanize the characters in my stories and make them relatable to readers.
  • humiliate She humiliated him in front of his friends by revealing his embarrassing secret.
  • humility Despite winning numerous awards and accolades, she remained grounded and always displayed humility in her interactions with others.
  • luminaire The designer chose a modern luminaire to hang in the center of the room, adding a stylish touch to the overall decor.
  • manlike He walked with a confident and manlike stride.
  • unlike Unlike her brother, she preferred to stay indoors and read books instead of playing sports.
  • womanlike She showed incredible strength and resilience, proving herself to be incredibly womanlike in the face of adversity.

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