Correct spelling for IMAGATIATON

We think the word imagatiaton is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for imagatiaton

  • Emanation(Definition of emanation)
  • There was a sisterly gentleness in eva, an emanation of sympathy for her lover's friend, a somewhat romantic interest in the mystery of van maeren's fine dark eyes and insinuating voice, and a compassion for the deep byronic sorrows which she attributed to him-something like the esthetic pathos of a sentimental reader over the inexplicable woes of a hero of romance.

  • Agitation(Definition of agitation)
  • Philippe peered into the darkness and spoke with a slight agitation: "is some one in the chapel?

  • Emulation(Definition of emulation)
  • Emulation gave madame de maintenon higher and vaster views which, whilst gratifying the poor nobility, would cause her to be regarded as protectress in whom all the nobility would feel interested.

  • Emaciation(Definition of emaciation)
  • His hair was already silvering with grey, and no one who glanced at the senile emaciation of the face would have believed that he was only forty years old.

  • Ingratiating(Definition of ingratiating)
  • "they are indeed," replied thang-li, with that ingratiating candour that marked his whole existence.

  • Fumigation
  • You will see a man light a cigar so carelessly that one side of the roll will burn rapidly, with prodigious fumigation and giving out a dark and offensive cloud, while the other side remains untouched by the fire, only to wither and crackle and twist into uncouth shapes, until the smoker flings the cigar away, with an accompaniment of expletives which attach rather to his own stupidity than to the piece of tobacco he has so abominably abused.

  • Emigration(Definition of emigration)
  • Emigration in the year 1851 was far less common than it is now, and the interest was proportionately greater.

  • Imitation(Definition of imitation)
  • His examples of devotedness to the good of his country, his untiring industry, his intelligence, his moral worth-are all worthy of imitation and shed a rich unfading lustre upon his character.

  • Immigration(Definition of immigration)
  • The figures for 1900 are taken from the reports of the immigration commission, vol.

  • Emaciating
  • A lad about ten years old was brought to him by an aunt, who stated that the boy suffered much from diarrhoea, and was emaciating visibly; that he would not try any domestic remedy, was an obstinate fellow, and determined to take no medicine.

  • Inaction(Definition of inaction)
  • His opposition sketch of inaction was refreshed by an analysis of the character of hamlet.

  • Immolation(Definition of immolation)
  • There is no solution of it to be found but that of st. augustine, "that the immolation of blood, carrying an announcement of the future, testified from the beginning of the human race the passion of the mediator that was to be."

  • Importation(Definition of importation)
  • A large portion of the revenue, both of monte video and of province of buenos ayres, is raised by taxes on the importation of foreign goods, and the rate of duties is not excessive in either case.

  • Megaton
  • Imagination(Definition of imagination)
  • The girl's hands were clasped tightly together, for now her imagination could tell her more than any words of another's.

    A rich imagination And self-depreciation

    – Beyond These Walls by Badlees, The
  • Magician(Definition of magician)
  • What a magician a man with eyes would be among a race of sightless men; or a man with ears among a deaf population!

  • Irrigation(Definition of irrigation)
  • With the advice of technical experts of the university of california and of other authorities upon soil, irrigation, health, and various conditions which would affect the success of the colony, final selection was made of a tract at durham, butte county, california.

  • Imputation(Definition of imputation)
  • His father's name had helped; a patrimony large enough to relieve him of the perilous imputation of being a struggling man had certainly not hindered.

405 words made from the letters imagatiaton

5 letter words made from imagatiaton:

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3 letter words made from imagatiaton:

mag, ani, tat, tan, mit, not, mon, ago, aga, gin, nit, nim, ain, tin, ant, nag, mot, goa, ton, tit, tog, atm, imo, nig, tnt, aim, ion, tai, man, iaa, tom, ana, min, nog, mat, gmt, mao, tia, moa, tam, igm, oat, tag, iga, gat, tot, tao.

4 letter words made from imagatiaton: