How to spell INCCURE correctly?

The correct spelling for "inccure" could possibly be "incur". This word means to become subject to or experience something unpleasant, usually a financial burden or debt. Other suggestions could include "encore", "ensure" or "injure" depending on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell inccure correctly

  • incur If we continue to travel by car, we will incur high expenses on fuel.
  • incurs If the company fails to comply with the regulations, it incurs a heavy fine.
  • injure I didn't want to injure myself, so I wore protective gear while playing hockey.
  • insecure She felt insecure about her abilities after receiving negative feedback from her boss.
  • insure
  • inure Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help inure our bodies to diseases and illnesses.
  • sinecure The job of the CEO was a sinecure as they had no real responsibilities and just collected a hefty paycheck.

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