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How to spell INFACE correctly?

"Inface" may be a misspelling of "interface". Other correct possibilities could include "enface", which means to face forward or "infuse", which means to fill or pervade with a quality or emotion. Clarification of context may be necessary to determine the intended word.

List of suggestions on how to spell inface correctly

  • efface I tried to efface the memory of my embarrassing moment.
  • induce She was trying to induce labor, but it didn't seem to be working.
  • infamy The infamy of Lord Voldemort has spread throughout the wizarding world.
  • infancy During infancy, babies learn to rely on caregivers for their every need.
  • infuse I like to infuse my water with fruit for a refreshing flavor.
  • invade The enemy tried to invade our country, but we were determined to defend our borders.
  • unlace She untied her shoes and began to unlace them.

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