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How to spell JEANED correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "jeaned" instead of the intended word, there are a few possible correct suggestions. You might have meant "jeans", referring to denim trousers. Alternatively, it could be "leaned", meaning to incline or rest against something. Always double-check your spelling to avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell jeaned correctly

  • Caned The school principal caned the students who were found smoking in the school premises.
  • cleaned I cleaned the bathroom thoroughly with disinfectant.
  • Craned The craned position is not recommended for long term use.
  • earned I earned my degree after years of hard work and dedication.
  • geared The training materials are geared towards helping new employees adjust to the company's culture.
  • Gleaned After hours of searching, I gleaned what I needed from the library.
  • jaded I can no longer take the jaded attitude towards life.
  • Jane I want to talk to Jane about my project.
  • Janet Janet is my boss's name.
  • japed I was so surprised when Jeremy japed me at the party.
  • Jared I heard that Jared left the company.
  • Jawed My grandma's dog, who is jawed, always manages to impress me with his ability to catch a ball.
  • jean I wore my new Jean pants to the bar.
  • Jeanie Jeanie is my best friend and I love spending time with her.
  • Jeanne Jeanne is looking forward to her vacation in Hawaii.
  • jeans I love jeans, they are my favorite apparel.
  • Jeered The students jeered when the substitute teacher made a mistake.
  • jelled The team's strategy finally jelled after weeks of planning and practice.
  • jenner Kendall Jenner is a famous model and member of the Kardashian- Jenner family.
  • jennet She raced down the highway in her jennet.
  • Jerked The sudden movement of the train jerked me awake.
  • Jetted She had jetted to Florida to visit her family.
  • joined John joined the company as a new employee last week.
  • keened The mourners keened loudly during the funeral service.
  • Kenned She has a beautiful kenned.
  • Leaned I leaned my bike against the railing.
  • learned I learned all about the history of this country while I was here.
  • Loaned He loaned me his umbrella during the rainstorm.
  • Maned The maned wolf is a unique species known for its distinctive fur.
  • Moaned The injured player moaned in pain and had to be taken out of the game.
  • penned She penned a letter to her grandmother thanking her for the birthday gift.
  • Reined The horse was reined in briefly by his handler.
  • seined The fishermen seined for trout in the river.
  • veined
  • Waned As the night progressed, the moon's brightness waned slowly.
  • weaned After being weaned she refused to drink from her bottle.
  • weened The puppy was weened off his mother's milk and started to eat solid food.
  • Yearned She yearned for a family, but she never had any.

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