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How to spell JENKING correctly?

If you're looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "jenking", here are a few possibilities: "jinking", "junking" or "jinking". These alternatives maintain the similar sound and are more commonly used words. Remember to double-check the context to ensure the selected word makes sense.

List of suggestions on how to spell jenking correctly

  • Inking The comic artist spent the day inking intricate designs onto the page.
  • jacking He was caught jacking up the price of the goods illegally.
  • Jenkins I met a man named Jenkins at the conference yesterday.
  • jerkin In medieval times, a jerkin was a short and close-fitting jacket that men would wear.
  • jerking The car started jerking when I tried to accelerate.
  • jinxing I don't want to say anything that might end up jinxing our chances for success.
  • joking I know you're joking, but it still hurts my feelings.
  • junking I was going to trash the junking but changed my mind.
  • kenning
  • Kinking The Kinking River runs through the town.
  • necking We were necking outside before the party began.

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