What is the correct spelling for KACIE?

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Correct spelling for KACIE

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Possible correct spellings for kacie

  • ace The sheriff slowly raised his hand and revealed the ace of hearts.
  • axe Find another axe; we'll begin top and bottom at once."
  • cache "I know nothing about the cache of gold," the man protested.
  • cafe Jefferson suggested having dinner at the Cafe de Paris, but Shirley objected that as the weather was warm it would be more pleasant to dine in the open air, so they finally decided on the Pavilion d'Armonville where there was music and where they could have a little table to themselves in the garden.
  • cage It was a bird in a cage, which used to hang outside of the back window of a house not far from hers, but on another street.
  • cain The line of Cain seems to depart from Adam and live in independence of him.
  • cake "Did your cake come up?
  • cane I think some beautiful girl must have chewed this cane.
  • cape But he has just returned from the Cape, where he had been out of the way of newspapers, and he did not see the advertisement till he came across it three or four days ago."
  • care If you want to be like him you'll take care, too.
  • case That's just my case.
  • cassie "Sakes alive!" ejaculated Cassie, dropping the tray, and turning to the looking-glass; "he's handsome, and-my hair's awfully mussed! Gracious! what brings him here, Sally?"
  • cause I was astonished, and asked my friend the cause of all those bravos.
  • cave What, thou chafest that I have left thy fellow behind at the Red Cave!
  • ce Est-ce-qu'elle aime un autre?
  • ci "That's the female citizen Verneuil," replied Corentin, sharply, looking jealously at the questioner; "a ci-devant; what is she to you?"
  • cue It was not my cue to quarrel, however-anything but that.
  • dace The Bearn beaked dace is found in streams, especially in sections of the streams which have clear water and current with cool, deep pools.
  • dice Games with dice were sometimes played.
  • face Yet it was a young man's face.
  • gauze Cover the mouth of the jar with a glass plate or fine gauze.
  • gaze Methinks I could have sooner met that gaze!
  • glace These leaves, which were cut out of green glace paper, had been hidden by the hostess in every nook and corner of the down-stairs rooms, and much amusement was afforded the young people as they eagerly sought them.
  • glacier 41, 80, 84, 140; glacier of, ii.
  • ice "The ice is broken between us now," he thought, as he broke through the group gathering at the open door.
  • juice Add chopped ginger, lemon juice, and sugar, and serve very cold.
  • juicer Based on the blender, Traugott also developed another kind of appliance to extract juice of any juicy fruit or vegetables, the Turmix Juicer, which was also available as separated accessory for use in the Turmix blender, the juicer Turmix Junior.
  • kaiser Back the Kaiser out o' France.
  • kale The blanched heads make an acceptable accompaniment to cheese, and are much appreciated for salading; they may also be stewed and served with melted butter in the same manner as Sea Kale.
  • kali You know"-and he smiled at the General-"that that frightfulness of expression is the very reason why the genial Kali has such a hold upon our people.
  • kasai Similar extensive flats give birth to the Loeti and Kasai, and, as we shall see further on, all the rivers of an extensive region owe their origin to oozing bogs, and not to fountains.
  • kauai He had vengeful thoughts toward Kauai for the injury he had received from his brothers.
  • kazoo Hosea Woods joined the Jug Stompers in the late 1920s, playing guitar, banjo and kazoo and providing some vocals.
  • kc Richard Windeyer KC (9 September 1868 – 8 November 1959) was an Australian barrister.
  • kick "I believe that I had jumped up on the taffrail when the vessel gave a kick, and over I went.
  • kiev Vladimir caused proclamation to be made one day in the town of Kiev, that all the inhabitants were to repair next day to the banks of the Dniepr and receive baptism; and accordingly at the appointed hour on the morrow, without the least tumult or show of force, all the inhabitants of Kiev were Christians.
  • kine Behold the kine in yonder pasture-field Cropping the clover, or in rest reclined, Chewing meek-eyed the cud of sweet content.
  • kiss Her only answer was to come and kiss me tenderly.
  • kite It is I who so often helped you to fly your green kite by the shore.
  • ks Every diagonalizable group splits over the separable closure ks of k.
  • lace When they were brought to him on their white, lace-trimmed pillows, his heart had swelled with joy, and it was his greatest delight to gaze at them.
  • mace When liked, a seasoning of pounded mace may be added.
  • nice They were so nice and short.
  • pace She slackened her pace.
  • race "We had a race with 'em, and Laddie's went higher than mine.
  • rice
  • sac
  • vice
  • Came The call came in the night.
  • Kate "Dr. Gray," answered Kate.
  • Lice The parasites referred to as chicken-lice include many different species, but in habit they may be classed as body-lice and roost-mites.
  • Mice She was not afraid of white mice.
  • Gracie Gracie glanced up smilingly into her father's face and nestled closer to him.
  • Casey J. Casey, 45 N. Y. W. H. Carter, 5 Pa.
  • Jamie "Why, mamma, it's as plain as day," cried Jamie.
  • Jaycee Beijing National Stadium (Birds Nest) - Liu Huan Deshengmen gate - Na Ying Beihai Park - Stefanie Sun Pudu Temple - Sun Yue China Millennium Monument - Leehom Wang Peking University - Han Hong Imperial Ancestral Temple (Taimiao) - Wakin Chau Imperial College (Guozijian) - Gigi Leung Sections of the Great Wall of China - Jackie Chan Liulichang - Richie Ren Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park - Jolin Tsai National Grand Theatre - Sun Nan Beijing National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) - Bibi Zhou Various siheyuans in Beijing - Han Geng, Li Yuchun, David Huang, Chen Kun and many other artists Beijing Ancient Observatory - Wang Feng Zhongshan Park - Karen Mok Temple of Earth - Eason Chan Beijing Wukesong Culture & Sports Center - Yan Weiwen Confucius Temple of Beijing - Dai Yuqiang Shichahai - various artists Capital Museum - Liao Changyong Drum Tower and Bell Tower - Jang Nara Huguang Guild Hall Peking Opera House - JJ Lin & A-Do Forbidden City - Joey Yung, Nicholas Tse, Yumiko Cheng Beijing World Trade Center - Vivian Hsu Meridian Gate - Lin Chiling Central TV Tower - Peter Ho Residence of Lao She - Jaycee Chan Temple of Heaven Subway Line 13 train and station Beijing Capital International Airport, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 Lotus Flower Market, Houhai Tiananmen Square Nine Dragon Screen
  • Kane Franklin Kane controlled the signs of his own emotion, which was deep.
  • Kari At last one night, when, having eaten, Kari and I were seated together in the moonshine before we slept, I turned on him suddenly, hoping thus to surprise the truth out of his secret heart, and said: "What is your plan, Kari?
  • Kasey New boy Bailey ( Kasey MacKellar) and May-Li prevents him running away.
  • Kay For he put to the worse Sir Gawaine, Gaheris, Agravaine, Bagdemagus, Kay, Dodinas le Savage, Sagramore le Desirous, Gumret le Petit, and Griflet le Fise de Dieu.
  • Cai A Chartered Accountant must be a member of one of the following: the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) (designatory letters ACA or FCA) the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) (designatory letters CA) Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI) a recognised equivalent body from another Commonwealth country (designatory letters being CA (name of country) e.
  • Jackie They had now reached the vicarage gate, and Jackie lingered after the rest to have a few last words with Mary.
  • Janice It only rattles," she added, as Janice tried the security of the bedstead.
  • Josie Josie declared washing and ironing helped her to work out knotty problems and there was nothing like having your arms in suds up to the elbows to give you an insight into who did what and why.
  • Katie Oh, Katie, look here!
  • Kia Below signed with the Kia Tigers of the Korea Baseball Organization in August 2013.
  • Kaye He had determined, however, to force a definite answer from her during this visit, and although he was far too courteous a host to embarrass a guest, he knew that were Mrs. Kaye deliberately to grant him a private interview he should be at liberty to press his suit.
  • Kathie God grant it, Kathie!
  • Janie Even little Janie was loaded down with two immense sticks, so heavy she could hardly toddle with them.
  • Marcie In this film, Cannonballers drive into her house Frank Sinatra as himself Joe Theismann as Mack, the truck driver who helps out Jill and Marcie Shawn Weatherly as the girl in Jamie Blakes bed Dale Ishimoto as a Japanese businessman Arte Johnson as an "ace" pilot Victor says is "from World War 2," who speaks with a telltale German accent Fred Dryer as a California Highway Patrol sergeant (listed in the opening credits as "Fred Dreyer") Chris Lemmon as a young California Highway Patrol officer George Lindsey as Uncle Cal Doug McClure as The Sheik's servant, an out-of-work actor who hasnt had a series in nine years Jilly Rizzo as Jilly Dub Taylor as a sheriff Director Hal Needham appears uncredited as a Porsche 928 driver in a cowboy hat, whose car is crushed flat in the movie by the monster truck, Bigfoot (Driven by owner/creator Bob Chandler)
  • Kiel A marine from Kiel.
  • Cues Time was chorus, gave them cues to laugh or cry; They would kill, befool, amuse him, let him die; Set him webs to weave to-day and break to-morrow, Till he died for good in play, and rose in sorrow.
  • cars While it was standing the cars were cut loose.
  • caws The larks were soon lost to sight as they soared overhead, singing faintly as they rose; the rooks gave prolonged and melancholy caws as they took their early flight, and the cocks crowed querulously in the yard, while now and then there was a pitiful bleat from the old ewe which had lost her lamb.
  • CIR Aussie Mega Shampoo also contains chemicals that have not been certified or assessed for safety by The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR).
  • SCI
  • racier
  • sickie

12 words made from the letters kacie

3 letter words made from kacie:

aec, kea, cia, ice, ike, ace.

4 letter words made from kacie:

ceka, kaie, ciak, icke, kaei, cake.

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