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How to spell KEAVING correctly?

If you have made the common typo "keaving" instead of "leaving", fear not! Here are some useful suggestions to ensure you convey the correct word: leaving. Pay attention to auto-correct suggestions or double-check your spellings to avoid any misunderstandings in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell keaving correctly

  • Caving My uncle went caving in the Virginia mountains and discovered a new underground stream.
  • cleaving The lumberjacks were cleaving the tree trunk into smaller pieces with their axes.
  • craving
  • gearing
  • Graving The graving on the tombstone read "Rest in Peace".
  • Having Having a good night's sleep is essential for staying productive and in good health.
  • heaving The sailor was heaving the anchor out of the water.
  • Keeling
  • keening The mournful keening of the bagpipes echoed through the graveyard.
  • keeping I am having a hard time keeping up with all of my assignments.
  • kelvin The boiling point of water is 373.15 kelvin.
  • kenning The shopkeep tacked a "kenning" to the front door, meaning "this is not a mistake.
  • Kevin I am Kevin's friend.
  • Keying I am currently keying in the information on this spreadsheet.
  • Laving I am sure she is laving the dishes clean.
  • leafing I was leafing through a magazine when I saw the advertisement.
  • leaving
  • Nerving The thought of giving a speech was nerving her.
  • paving The city council approved the budget for paving the street with new asphalt.
  • peeving I'm peeving because my computer is taking so long to start up.
  • raving Her performance was so good that the audience could not stop raving about it for days.
  • Reeving The sailors were reeving the ropes amid the strong wind.
  • saving She is saving her money for a trip to Europe next summer.
  • serving I am the serving waiter.
  • shaving I need to buy a new shaving cream for my sensitive skin.
  • sheaving The farmer was sheaving his wheat crop into his cart.
  • waving The crowd was waving flags and cheering as the parade passed by.
  • weaving I am weaving a blanket.

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